Sports Update, Holy Angels Alumni, Jasmine Trias

The TEXAS LONGHORNS head to the College World Series… AGAIN… playing BAYLOR on Saturday… its their 32nd trip to the CWS…

Hopefully the Giants can turn things around… Great article in the Chronicle yesterday about our wonderful Bay Area sports teams… They had the Giants, A’s, Sharks, Warriors, Niners, Raiders… and you can add the Sabercats and most likely the Earthquakes too… lol…

And where’s my Holy Angels Alumni newsletter thingy πŸ™

JASMINE TRIAS, the debut album… IN STORES JULY 12th… Request “Excuses” anywhere you can… lol… WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET!

One thought on “Sports Update, Holy Angels Alumni, Jasmine Trias

  1. yeah, damn the giants arent doing so hot. i think we can still make it. 2nd half of the season starts in july. no worries? =P hope youre enjoying the summertime. bye!!

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