Survivor: Palau, The Apprentice, House of Wax, English!

Man, I wanted Ulong to win… but of course they lost again… I liked both Bobby Jon and Stephenie… I think Stephenie is one of the strongest players now, and hopefully she can win… I’d love to see her win immunity by herself next week… I wonder how that’ll work…

I only like Chris, Angie, and Tana (she’s hilarious, she makes the most random comments)… so I was disappointed that Angie sucked at the presentation… I don’t think Alex did anything at all… he just stood there… at least Chris went and bought the stuff… their laptop sweater was kinda funny though… lol… Well, hopefully Chris doesn’t blow up again… but he’s cool like that, lol… one minute he’s a nice guy and the next he’s dropping f-bombs… lol… and then Tana comes and says something funny… I hope one of the original NetWorth teammembers wins, but not Craig though, he is boring…


Chad Micheal Murry is a jackass… what a bitch… lol and he’s ugly… Jared Padalecki is actually a nice guy… and he looks a whole lot better than Chad… speaking of looking better, Elisha Cuthbert is pretty cute, I never thought so until now… and Paris Hilton is just a walking joke… “Its gonna be cuute” “That’s hot”… what a crackhead… lol


I just sent in my Power Point… AHH!! It sucks so much… and this morning with my Hamlet lines, I got nervous since Hurley’s mom was there… I felt like she was judging me… lol… anyway, she said I messed up 4 little words… so she gave me 20 instead of 21… that’s okay… This is like the first time this year that I slightly dislike English… lol


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