Kelly Clarkson & Billy Crawford midnight snack

Well I’m back online just so I have something to do while eating my almost midnight snack. Though I shouldn’t be eating a midnight snack since I ate a lot for dinner when our guests were here. But I guess bullcrapping pages of French makes you hungers… darn, stupid hw made me miss A Christmas Carol on NBC… well I’ll just watch the tape when I have time.

Kelly Clarkson‘s new album is freakin awesome… i can’t wait until Tuesday… and Jasmine Trias is going to be recording TWO albums, I guess a U.S. version and Philippine version… of course I’ll get both…

Anyone remember Billy Crawford? Disney Channel used to play to his videos all the time, he was that guy with the kinda long hair and looked like a girl? Well, he’s Filipino (which I found out a few years ago) but I just found out tonight that he is currently signed with a French record label, just released a new album… AND he remade One Voice‘s “When U Think About Me” … wow that song was so long ago, at least it seems like it… anyway its pretty good… lol

okay… randomness done for today… g’nite

oh yeah… the Longhorns have a very, very good sports program… Football is ranked #5, basketball team made Final 4 last year (should’ve won it all, darn) and tournament this year, and their baseball team made the CWS too bad im not applying there or UP Diliman

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