you are gonna get bitch slapped by reality

waitthe past week, Sazo and Scudder’s been encouraging us to work on apps tomorrow since they don’t want anything happening if you know what i mean…

ugh… the whole process sucks, and for english (which i missed today, and we didn’t even do anything, what bad timing) we have to redo our resumes for friday… don’t you hate it when people BULLCRAP on their resumes… ugh, i mean there are some people who have these amazing things on theirs, but then you know they actually did those things… then there are some who put whatever random piece of crap they can think of on their resumes, its not like colleges are going to check every single detail, which sucks…

people have put in a sh!tload of their time to things that actually mean something… not for half-a$$ing school or getting their sorry beehinds fudged up on crap

well whatever… i think believe in karma… i mean, i’ve seen cheaters who got by maybe at that specific moment… but later on they were the ones who got screwed… so enjoy it all now, cuz you are gonna get bitch slapped by reality… i guarantee you… as long as you’re honest to yourself and everyone else, you’ll be fine

and a lot of other sh!t i’d love to vent out here, but… ive already talked about it to some ppl so its ok…

so stay calm people… think positive… don’t worry… BREATHE (you know who you are)

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