Jasmine Kailangan


Jasmine’s SMART commercial is currently airing in the Philippines…
I’m a GLOBE person myself, loading in general is okay, but a little annoying
She will probably shoot her McDonald’s commercial when she visits PI in mid-October

original Tagalog lyrics
Kailagnan ko’y ikaw
Dito sa piling ko
Kailagnan kong madama ang pag ibig mo
sa bawat horas na
di ka nakikita
Para bang kahit ikaw na nadarama
Kailagnan ko’y ikaw
sa bawat sandali
Kailagnan kong yakap mo
at iyong halik
Kailagnan ko’y ikaw
very rough English translation:
I need you
in my care
I need to feel your love
all the times
that I don’t see you
As if even you can feel that
I need you
in a moment
I need your hugs
and your kisses
I need you

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