my brain got FRYed

well all my hard finals are out of the way… today was ok… in history ms fry visited noah for some breakfast, so thats always nice… the final was easy… i wasnt expecting it to be hard anywayz… A- i think… “my brain got fried” lol or would it be more clearer for the slow ppl if it was “my brain got FRYed” lol… either way $5?? just for that? i dunno… but history is over… and then on to ethics wow, what a bunch of carabao-crap… all i had to rememberize were the answers to the essay questions… other than that the multiple choice is common sense… block2 you have nothing to worry about… other than then the hour and a half of nothing (sucks that they end with that class… lol)

so tomorrow is chem (AHH!) and calc… for chem i can probably guess on most of it… calc is what im worried about, but kinda not really because no matter what i get on it, i still have a B… oh well

and WTF soap operas are more important than a president’s funeral? some people are just so freakin’ STUPID and disrespectful… get the f**k over it… i hate clinton, but when he dies and he has his funeral, im not going to be happy he’s dead… he was still our president, and no matter how much i dont like him or disagree with him, ill still respect him for being the leader of the free world… WHAT THE TRUCK?!?! (Jon of Jon & Kelly) from TAR4: “mother trucker” lol)

Ronald Reagan… Rest in Peace

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