bee–ess for sure

geez, service learning sucks… well for us it did… we ended up grading 5 projects from different grades and 1 from the chem honors class, block 2 i think…lol  oh well…we know who’s responsible

anyway, today was the start of the longest week of the year… 4 straight full rotations!!! ahhh!!! though today was ok since i missed calc, ethics, and french… i know we would’ve done actual work in ethics and french (i missed the quiz, yay!) but in calc there’s really nothing to do anymore…. english we worked on a ws that i had finished at 12:30 last night, in history people mananged to get ms fry distracted, kinda, for half the class but you know she wasn’t trying to stop the conversations, nor was she pushing it along either… and in chem, she wasnt here but we had to write a 2 page reflection on SITTING AROUND!!!!  bee–ess for sure… i am so not typing that crap…

so tomorrow, wednesday and thursday will be long days and friday, well, i never get all my good classes or all my bad classes together on block days… what are my good classes?  hmm, i think 2, maybe 5 and 8, and 7 i guess… whatever its gonna be long, and itll be the same in two weeks too

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