“poot” or slut

Well just got home from the San Francisco International Film Festival and our French field trip to see “L’Esquive” 

Today was a pretty good day… harmless Calc class as always… got our tests back, lol… Ethics was boring as usual, just plain crap… and of course French/the field trip…

First we had to stand outside of De Paul in the sun waiting for I dunno what… then we had to walk a couple of blocks in the sun… damn was it hot… So everyone was in a pretty good mood, well favorable mood… lol… So we FINALLY get there (AMC Kabuki) and we see all these other people, students waiting outside.  But we just go straight to the door and I guess Madame has connections…lol… and we go in first.  We got balcony seats!  And it turns out there were a couple of other schools there, I dunno which ones…  We go buy drinks and stuff and it took so freakin long… it was too hot close to the popcorn… i forgot to put my ticket under a bright, warm spot to see what would happen…lol…

In the program, the description of the movie talked about it being in the projects and about a teenage romance… ok… The director was actually there in the theatre and they said there would be a q&a after but everyone left afterwards so…lol … 

Anyway,  so after waiting for half an hour for people to “take a sit” the movie finally starts.  “L’ESQUIVE”  We see this group of guys, I assumed oh ok its a gang movie.  Already, I knew this movie wasn’t going to be what I expected… I guess that’s what watching “Manon de Source” and “Jean de Florette” will do,  you assume all French movies are like that…lol well not “Amelie” I guess but I never saw that… BACK TO THE MOVIE… So this guy has his gf break up with him and he moves on to this ugly looking girl who at one point or another is called a “poot” or slut…lol… And so this whole thing begins “do you want to go out with me”… or actually “s**t do you f***in want to go out with me you slut” lol the movie supposedly depicted actual french teens in the way they spoke… wow lots of f-bombs and stuff like that…lol   anyway it was funny… lots of yelling… though you couldnt tell if they were mad since youre not use to french intonation (am i using that word right?)

Not that great of an ending though… so did Lydia say no to Karim?  And is Magali a “poot” also?  Did they get arrested?  Well… overall good movie… liked it since it wasnt what i expected… wish i could’ve missed a class though like history or chem…lol

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