That’s it!

That’s it!  I really don’t care who wins the tournament this year.  NONE of my picks have made it.  Except UConn.  But I’m not as interested anymore.  One of my 2 favorites, The TEXAS LONGHORNS just lost to Xavier.  Barnes did not deserve those technicals.     When Boddicker hit that 3 pointer, I was like “Yeah, they’ve done it before… they can pull one out tonight.”  But just like the CARDINALS, I was wrong and disappointed. 

I would be losing lots of money right now   But it was still an exciting game, even though regional coverage forced CBS to only show the latter half.   And at least I still know that NCAA basketball is REAL basketball, unlike the National “Basketball” Association.  Which many people agree isn’t  (it really isn’t)

So much for relaxing the night before SATs!

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