Congrats to #1 STANFORD and #3 TEXAS!!

Congrats to #1 STANFORD and #3 TEXAS!!  It would’ve been nice to see a Stanford-Texas final, but oh well.

Sucks the way the Longhorns lost on Sunday. 

So let’s see, I’m thinking Kentucky, Pitt, Stanford, and Texas in the final four with Kentucky and Texas playing in the championship.    St. Joe’s won’t make the elite 8, and I think Texas Tech will actually make it past the 2nd round.  Stanford is a good team, but when going against some of the tougher teams in the NCAA, it’ll be iffy.

lol, I don’t think anyone even knows what I’m talking about except Marissa, lol


can’t wait till Phelle becomes official   Shelle makes me sick, ewe…

Sucks that there are only a few more AMERICAN DREAMS eps left…stupid NBC episode cutback… at least there’s still ALIAS

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