Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 33 – Company Restructuring!

Ex-Aid 33

Parado is beside himself thinking about Cronus killing Bugsters, like, permanently. Papa Dan walks into their lair with a fruit basket to offer condolences on Loverica’s death, but also to assure them that they are very important to the continued success of Chronicle. To allow that, Papa Dan promises to keep the Kamen Riders under control so everyone can still have fun.
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The Amazing Race 29 Season Wrap-up

Not terrible, but not amazing. That’s pretty much the best way to describe this season. Like I mentioned after the premiere, I got over the idea of strangers getting paired up at the Starting Line in the 10 months since TAR29 was filmed. It was a gimmick and TAR/CBS needed to find some way to drum up interest in this 16-year-old reality show. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race 29, Episode 12 – "I don't want to feel like I'm invalid!"

Recap: The Amazing Race 29, Episode 12 – We’re Going To Victory Lane”

Teams enjoy Premium Class on Korean Air en route to their Final Destination city, Chicago, Illinois. Once in Chicago, teams must make their way to Chicagoland Speedway for their next clue.
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