For Your Emmy Consideration: Sebastian Stan

Most people will know Sebastian Stan from watching Gossip Girl, but if you want to see him really give a performance, look no further than him playing Prince Jack Benjamin on Kings.

I was pleasantly surprised to see he submitted his name into the Supporting Actor category again this year for Kings. And while there is sadly no chance for any Kings nominations, this is a great time to look back at the terrific performance from Sebastian Stan. Continue reading

For Your Emmy Consideration: “The Sabbath Queen,” Michael Green (Kings)

The Emmy ballots were posted today, June 4th and it was a pleasant surprise to see several submissions from NBC’s incredible Kings. I knew the episodes that aired last Summer were eligible, but didn’t think they would submit themselves for consideration, but they did.

In addition to the submissions for Costume (The New King, Parts 1 and 2), Sound Editing and Sound Mixing (The New King, Part 1), and Hairstyling (The Sabbath Queen), there were three submissions in the big categories, one of them for Writing.

Creator and Executive Producer Michael Green has submitted episode 8, “The Sabbath Queen” for consideration and it is certainly an excellent choice. Continue reading

The Amazing Race 17 Has Started!

The Amazing Race 17 Has Started!

Confirmed! The Amazing Race 17 is off and running!  The starting line and first two destinations have been confirmed, as well as the identities of several of the teams.  So if you don’t want to be spoiled, be careful where you visit online!

If you do want to be spoiled, you can check out Survivor Sucks: The Amazing Race or the spoiler hub Reality Fan Forum.

The first bits of information sound very promising for the upcoming Race!  But we’ll have to wait about four months to enjoy the new season!  Fall can’t come sooner!=]