Recap: The Amazing Race Asia 5, Episode 4 – "For the first time in my life, I kissed another man."


If you have no way of watching The Amazing Race Asia thanks to AXN wanting to make the show as inaccessible as possible, I hope my recap will make you feel like you actually did watch it. =) Continue reading

Why Does AXN Not Want People to Watch The Amazing Race Asia 5?

So, this actually isn’t a recap of Episode 4 of The Amazing Race Asia 5. And that’s because I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch it.

First, let me take the time to say this:
Thank you The Amazing Race Vietnam and VTV! Thank you The Amazing Race China and Shenzhen TV and Sohu! Thank you, sort of, The Amazing Race Philippines and TV5.

Posting full episodes on your official websites and/or YouTube (or Sohu) channels and making them available, without geographic restrictions, worldwide is truly amazing. And millions of fans and viewers around the world are very grateful.

CBS and CTV make episodes of their own Amazing Race franchises available to people in the United States and Canada, respectively. Though geoblocked, at the very least, fans in those specific countries can catch up on their show if they needed to.

Which brings us to The Amazing Race Asia and AXN.

It was a very exciting surprise when AXN announced The Amazing Race Asia would be resurrected for a 5th season after a long six year absence. Fans in Asia and beyond were looking forward to the return of the series, especially with The Amazing Race US on its own indefinite hiatus.

But that excitement has pretty much been stomped on by AXN’s inexplicable decision not to post full episodes of The Amazing Race Asia on their own website. Worse even, posting the season’s first two episodes only and then deciding not to post any more.

But why? Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Asia 5, Episode 3 – "You don't have to stroke me, it's okay."


Teams must travel back to Jakarta and purchase tickets at the Garuda Indonesia office so they can fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All teams will be on the same flight departing at 8:25am. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Asia 5, Episode 2 – "If I have to sh-t, I sh-t in my pants."


No time to waste as teams open the first clue of the Leg telling them to book a Grab car to take them to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Asia 5, Episode 1 – "So sorry. Hope you get lost."


The sun rises once again on The Amazing Race Asia as it returns for its 5th season after six long years.

It’s car-free Sunday in Jakarta, Indonesia, so the 11 teams are making their way on bicycle to Merdeka Square. Continue reading