Hindsight Review: Willing to Engage in Emotionally Satisfying “Psychological Warfare” for That Winter the Wind Blows

Winter Wind Blows

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I want to preface this Hindsight Review by saying it will probably be just as convoluted as the show’s ending. But hopefully, this Review will be just as satisfying as the show’s ending, in spite of its perplexing nature.

But what is easy is seeing why That Winter the Wind Blows has become the most talked about drama of the year so far. The SBS drama series’ ratings win against its more hyped competitors was a testament to its great writing and excellent performances. And that is definitely not a common occurrence in Korean dramaland.

That Winter the Wind Blows started off with an incredibly poetic aura about it. It’s stunningly breathtaking visuals were matched by both the deep and intriguing writing and the powerful performances of its lead actors. Continue reading

First Impression Review: SBS’ Poetic and Engaging That Winter, the Wind Blows

That Winter the Wind Blows

Moderate spoilers up to episode 6.
For the spoiler-filled Hindsight Review, click here.

SBS’ That Winter, the Wind Blows is a perfect example of how to do melodrama without overdoing the histrionics, exaggerations, and villain moustache-twirling that is typical of the genre.

And maybe even more commendable about the series, aside from a very strong cast, is how visually stunning it is, adding an extra layer to the already tempered storytelling and nuanced performances.
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