Some Useful Tips for Traveling Through Manila International Airport and the Philippines in General

So my parents and I had to go on an unexpected and sadly bittersweet trip to the Philippines last January. Having to plan a trip to the Philippines in just two weeks and during the Christmas holiday was certainly a new experience for me when usually we’d have months to prepare everything, from packing to logistics and all that. And that’s all to help keep things as smooth as possible because traveling to the Philippines (at least, the actual traveling part) isn’t always the smoothest experience.

Interestingly enough, this ended up our smoothest trip to the Philippines ever! And I decided I should share some tips that might help both first time and return travelers to the Philippines. Continue reading

Advice for Philippine Media: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY

Monday’s hostage crisis in the Philippines was one mistake after another. Whether it was the hostage taker himself to the police to the government to the media, all had their own part in the failure of a fast and peaceful resolution.

As a student of media studies, I know full well the politics and greed that run the various organizations whose sole responsibility is and should be to serve the public with true and important information.

And yet, Monday’s media coverage from local Philippine television stations was an incredible display of irresponsibility and carelessness, as have the actions of those same television stations since then in response to criticism. Continue reading