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Hindsight Review: Herlene Budol Proves Herself in Refreshing, Fun “Magandang Dilag”

GMA Network’s Magandang Dilag has come to an end. And its 99 episodes have been a fun, enjoyable ride. Though the series featured some familiar themes and scenarios as many Filipino teleseryes, it was able to set itself apart in many ways. It was able to blend in comedy and humor with the heavy drama. And as a revenge story, Magandang Dilag was unrelenting in dishing out sweet karma to the series’ antagonists. But perhaps the biggest outcome from the series is how it was able to showcase Herlene Budol as a lead actress.

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Check-in Review: Episode 72 of “Magandang Dilag” a Showcase of Herlene Budol’s Growth, Good Direction and Clever Writing
First Impression Review: Herlene Budol’s Endearing Charm and Its Fast Paced Story Power GMA Network’s “Magandang Dilag”

I’ve been meaning to write a review for GMA Network’s afternoon drama Magandang Dilag for a while now. But now’s as good a time as any. The ratings are surging and the story is kicking into high gear. And it’s not hard to see why. The perfect soapy plot, an endearing lead and a fast-paced story all make for a fun, not-so-guilty pleasure. That is a combination that is often attempted, but not often accomplished by other series. Yet Magandang Dilag shows that even the simplest stories can still captivate and capture the imagination of audiences.

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