The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 9 – Leg 1 – India

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Leg 1 – “When nasa tuk-tuk ka, the only way to go is down.”

This is Lapu-Lapu City in Cebu. And from the foot of Lapu-Lapu himself, 11 brand new teams of two will set off on a Race around the world. Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 9

Yessir! The Amazing Race Philippines (DryedMangoez Edition) is on a roll! Season 8’s “back-to-basics” style helped reinvigorate the franchise and the show is as popular and successful as ever! Yahoo!

So that means it’s quickly time for another brand new Race around the world for 11 brand new Filipino teams.


By now, you know the drill. TARPHDME is to help encourage TViva5 to order a real 3rd season of The Amazing Race Philippines and show that it is possible… so on and so forth. =) Some recycled Legs and/or tasks, but as much originality as one can have without actually setting foot in the actual country. Thanks Google! (Official map sponsor of The Amazing Race Philippines DryedMangoez Edition.  Yup!)

Without further ado. The world is waiting for you. Good Luck. Ingat sa biyahe… GO!” Continue reading