Some AMERICAN DREAMS news… not very good

Some AMERICAN DREAMS news… not very good

AMERICAN DREAMS (NBC) – The Peacock has officially cut the show’s third season to 17 episodes, two short of its expected 19-episode run. Also as expected, “Dreams” will sit out the February sweeps period, returning for its final four installments in March. “Dreams” creator Jonathan Prince reportedly planned for the show’s 17th episode this season to serve as a cliffhanger leading into a two-part finale. It’s not clear though if any adjustments will be made in light of the episode rollback. Through its 13 airings this season, “Dreams” has averaged a modest 7.53 million viewers, down 12.65% from the same stretch last season (8.62 million). And when compared with its freshman season after 13 episodes, “Dreams” is off a significant 33.13% (11.26 million). No decision however has been made about the show’s future and it’s likely a final verdict won’t be announced until May when NBC announces its fall 2005 schedule.

Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 12 – “Do this before I hyperventilate.”


Kris & Jon had very bad luck with the taxis… Everyone made it seem like they were going to bitch the drive out or Jon hits the driver… but all he did was throw the money onto his lap… and it was pretty understandable, even with the editing, you can tell they were on the road a long time… They also seemed very tired… they need to cut back the late night clubbing… lol… Anyway… Kris and Jon dominated the DETOURKris barely complained, these two are physically, mentally, and emotionally strong… They got frustrated, but who wouldn’t… its not like they NEVER get mad, its just they never were put in that situation during the RACE and its the Final Four, there’s gotta be a lot of stress…
AND! They almost got run over by a taxi, motorcycle AND a bus!

I think knowing this was a non-elimination took a little of the excitement (and worry) out of my viewing experience, but it was still a great episode… reminiscent of TAR3 going to Vietnam… I hate that “slashing” sound effect, it usually signals a mistake, but they were throwing it in left and right…

Anyway… what’s up with Freddy using “proper” words like “timely” and “expeditious” … lol… it just seems so out of place with his other expression “One of you… I’M GOING TO BREAK IN HALF!” … Kendra was less annoying this week…

Hayden & Aaron are still funny… but they really remind of a less likable Flo & Zach… even though Flo whine a lot, you enjoyed her and Zach‘s little fights… lol… Adam & Rebecca really argue a lot, but they still kiss and make up… wierd people… or really, wierd person (Adam)…

I think I will only be happy if Kris & Jon win… they have to win, but I’m not going to have high expectations… hmm… it should be a close finish… I wonder if its like TAR2 where the final stretch is a footrace… or TAR3 where the taxi decides your fate… I think it should have the teams walk (or run actually) from ROAD BLOCK to PITSTOP… TAR4‘s ending sucked the most, followed by TAR5… too predictable… TAR2 was the most exciting , then TAR1 and TAR3

NEXT WEEK! The 2 hour season finale of SEASON 6… Its gonna be good!