Recap: The Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand, Episode 1 – "I gotta have two legs to run the Race!"


Grant Bowler welcomes us to Survivor a new season of The Amazing Race Australia. But this time, it will be a Race between five teams from Australia and five teams from New Zealand.

The teams are driven to the Starting Line in Uluru and Grant lays out the Race. There are 10 Legs in the Race and the winners of each Leg will win prizes “like never before.”

Grant tells them their first clues are on their backpacks. He raises his hand and the Racers get ready to go… Continue reading

This Time, a #TeamNZ Promo for Season 3 of The Amazing Race Australia

After Seven released their first promo for the upcoming 3rd season of The Amazing Race Australia, entitled Australia vs. New Zealand, with some playful ribbing from the home network, it is the Kiwis’ turn with their own comeback. This promo for TV2, TARAu’s home in New Zealand. Take a look at the fun and epic tease for the new season.

FIRST LOOK! The Amazing Race Australia vs. New Zealand Coming Soon!

The Amazing Race Australia is returning this Summer for its 3rd season. And this time it’s a battle between the Aussies and the Kiwis. Five teams from Australia will go up against five teams from New Zealand in another Race around the world.

Seven has just released the very fun first teaser for the new season featuring the teams and some playful ribbing on the Kiwis by the home country network.
Take a look!

No premiere date has been announced.