Discussion: Child Abuse? Exploitation? Double Standards? What’s Your Take?

Okay class, here is your essay question for today.

This clip has been the topic of heated and sometimes nasty and nonsensical debate. This segment of the TV5 variety/game show Willing Willie features contestants talking a little bit about their lives and then doing a little performance of whatever talent they want to showcase. It can be anything. This particular episode featured children as contestants (as these shows often do). Take a look…

(This is the fullest clip that includes all the boy’s appearances on the show.)

This “moment” has been distinguished as a form of “child abuse” and “exploitation.”

Now take these clips. The first is from the ABS-CBN gag/comedy show Goin’ Bulilit which features an exclusively all children cast (+Dagul) acting out adult situations.

And these particular moments from ABS-CBN talent show Showtime

So, your essay question for today; What is the difference between these clips? Can one of these examples be called “child abuse” or “exploitation” and others not? Or are all of these examples or not examples of “child abuse?”
What exactly constitutes “child abuse” or child “exploitation” for you? What do you think is acceptable boundary for what children can or can not do on television?
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Commentary – Want to Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill? Learn from the Philippines.

A Mountain? A Molehill? Maybe a dwarf’s mound.

It took two weeks for someone to notice a child allegedly being abused on live television.

That sounds pretty odd. But it could be one of a few things…

Maybe no one watches the program? But it can’t be that because it is a popular program that gets decent to good ratings.

Alright, so maybe it just took a while for the alleged abuse to be distinguished as such by the public before someone made a fuss about it? That can’t be it either because the alleged abuse has been described as being so disgusting and inhumane and a huge violation of child and human rights.

Yes, so naturally, one would immediately report wait a couple of days two weeks to bring it to the attention of the proper authorities… right? Continue reading

Mara Clara Could Learn a Thing or Two from The Baker King

Aren’t you glad we’re not on a Filipino soap opera?

Well, ABS-CBN’s Mara Clara continues to delve deeper into the bowels of hell for story ideas. The series is past from being salvageable and this remake shitting on the face of one of the most classic Filipino soap operas will probably be written about in textbooks as “How not to write a television series.”

This week, Mara Clara gets a new timeslot competitor when the planets align and they end up against GMA’s tagalized version of Korea’s The Baker King. Continue reading