First Impression Review: Nickelodeon's Make It Pop Has Potential

No spoilers.

When it was first reported that Nick Cannon was developing a K-pop-inspired show for Nickelodeon, K-pop fans were incensed. They cringed at the idea and were not looking forward to seeing their precious K-pop somehow be misrepresented, trivialized or blasphemed to American audiences. (As if K-pop doesn’t do a good job of that on its own.)

And again, this was before a single frame had been filmed.

The faux outrage only grew when the first clips appeared as the actual premiere date drew close.

This is pretty much another example of people needing to learn to actually wait to see something before judging it. But after actually seeing it, I can say that K-pop fans have nothing to be worried about. (They didn’t have anything to be worried about in the first place anyway.) Continue reading