Friday Night Lights 5.01 – Aaanndd the Tear Ducts Start Gearing Up

It is August in Dillon. Slammin Sammy is on the radio previewing this weekend’s first game, the Whataburger Football Classic. Luke and Vince are jogging with Tinker enjoying a burger in his car alongside them. Julie is getting ready to go off to college and Tami wishes they could drive her up there, but Julie says she’ll be fine going on her own.

Mrs. Coach is starting her new job at East Dillon, back to being a guidance counselor. She makes a splash at the faculty meeting by Continue reading

Caprica Simply Dropped the Ball

It is a shame that Caprica couldn’t find a groove, whether it be creatively or ratings-wise.

You can’t blame Syfy for trying. But the numbers for Caprica were just horrible.

So why didn’t the series catch on? It had plenty of things going for it.
But even more things going against it as well. Continue reading