Tiffany Reveals What REALLY Happened at the End of the Leg!

Tiffany Reveals What REALLY Happened at the End of the Leg!

Tiffany writes on her official blog and clears up a few questions, including recounting what really happened when Phil came out to them at the field and whether or not they “quit” The Amazing Race.

And Maria & Tiffany tell what they could’ve done differently at the Detour.

Maria & Tiffany tell People Online that the final task was “unfair.”

Reality TV Wanted ask Maria & Tiffany what the best part about the Race was and what made them initially want to try out.

And here’s Phil’s final “Mat Chat” with the girls:

And their final interview…

Recap: The Amazing Race 15, Episode 7 – “My dress is falling!”

Episode 15.07 – This is Not My Finest Hour!
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They aren’t wasting any time this week.  The teams depart the Pit Stop with their next destination, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  The only flight out is at midnight, so all the teams are bunched up at the airport for the rest of the day.  While the teams wait, they have some fun, eating McDonalds, and the brothers reveal to the other teams that they are gay.  Brian & Ericka dance around, Maria & Tiffany shed a little tear that their crushes are gay, but still think they are two of the nicest guys.

The teams arrive in Amsterdam and they must drive themselves to Afsluitdijk, a 19-mile causeway that connects North Holland and Friesland, and find the Lely Monument for their next clue.

The teams find the marked cars at the airport and are off, but Brian has trouble starting the car.  The other teams get a head start on the couple.  They have to get someone (and their kid) to help get the car started.

The teams arrive at the monument with Brian & Ericka nowhere to be seen.  The clue tells the teams to now make their way to the city of Groningen and find Martinitoren, the highest building in the city, for their next clue.

The teams arrive at the church and find the Road Block.  In this Road Block, teams must climb up the Martinitoren’s tower and count all the bells of the carillon on the two floors.  When they give the correct answer, 62, to the carillonneur, they will receive their next clue. 
Meghan and Sam head into the tower and decide to work together.  Matt follows them up to the top with Flight Time right behind when suddenly, the bells begin ringing as they count.  The carillonneur has begun playing, making a relatively easy task a little more distracting.

All the teams are there as Brian & Ericka catch up.  Ericka does the Road Block but isn’t sure what she’s supposed to be doing.

Matt manages to finish first and heads down.  Teams must now head to the village of Vierhuizen De Marne and find the windmill which is where they’ll find their next clue.  Gary & Matt head out and ask for directions as Sam and Meghan finish.  As they head down, Tiffany is running up the stairs and Sam tells her the answer saying it was a smart move because they are a team he can beat.  They head off with their partners and get a taxi to lead them to the village as they pass the father and son still getting directions. 

Flight Time finishes leaving Ericka up in the tower.  She goes to the carillon player but she gives him 43 instead of 62.  Not correct. 

Meanwhile, the other teams are arriving in the town.  Sam & Dan get to the clue first and find the Detour.  In this Detour, teams have to choose between Farmer’s Game or Farmer’s Dance.  For both Detours, teams must wear traditional Dutch costumes, a male and a female, and each ride a bicycle to their Detour choice. 
In Farmer’s Game, teams must strip down to their farmer’s underwear and swim across a creek.  Then using clog-shaped clubs, play three holes of farmer’s golf and taking turns, must finish each hole in 8 or less strokes before getting their next clue.  If they don’t finish the hole in 8 strokes, they must start over.
In Farmer’s Dance teams head to a country festival.  Outside, one team member must ring the bell on top of a High Striker.  Then inside, they will learn a Dutch folk dance which they will perform in front of a crowd.  If their instructor approves, they will each be awarded salted herring and onions which they must eat before getting their next clue. 

Sam & Dan, Meghan & Cheyne, and Gary & Matt dress up, Dan and Gary getting the female costume and they hop on their bikes.
Meghan reminds Cheyne (repeatedly) that she sucks at golf, but he says they’ll be fine.  They with Sam & Dan strip down and head to the field with the game.  The couple has trouble at the start, but the brothers breeze through.

Meanwhile, Ericka is still struggling with the Road Block.  She goes to the carillonneur several times but with wrong answers.  She goes down to Brian and they take a moment to calm down as Ericka begins feeling frustrated.  

Gary & Matt get started learning the dance, but Matt realizes something.  He shows his dad the clue, telling them they have to eat the fish, and he hates fish.  They switch Detours on the spot and leave, the locals laugh and continue their dancing.  As Meghan & Cheyne put their costumes back on, Gary & Matt take theirs off and jump in the water for the golf.  

Maria & Tiffany are on their bikes having fun, but that is until they get to the High Striker.  They can’t get the puck up to ring the bell, Maria having a lot more trouble than Tiffany.  They switch Detours and meet up with Gary & Matt at the golfing.On the other side of the Detour, their buddies Sam & Dan finish and head for the Pit Stop.  On their bikes, teams will ride through town to Zoutkamp Harbor and find Phil and the Mat.  They officially check in first and win a sand buggy.

Brian & Ericka arrive at the Detour and leave the windmill but do not take any bikes.  They jog a ways… a long ways in their clogs until Brian realizes they were supposed to take bikes.  They continue on. 
Meanwhile, Maria & Tiffany are struggling with golf, badly… so they swim back and do the other Detour.  They make their 31st… 32nd… 43rd… 50th attempts at the High Striker.  They stop to take a moment and hug it out.  They are emotional.  Flight Time and Big Easy go dance and they have a fun time with it.  They finish the dance and down the herring, though not easy, they get the Pit Stop clue.  They check in 3rd.

Gary & Matt finish the Detour and head to the Pit Stop 4th.

That leaves two teams struggling to stay safe from elimination.  Frustration is starting to get to Brian & Ericka as they walk in the heavy clogs, Ericka pointing out she was stairstepping for 2 hours at the Road Block.  Maria & Tiffany meanwhile are now on their 72nd attempt and Tiffany almost makes it to the top, but it just isn’t enough.  They switch back to the golf again.  They feel weaker, but are not giving up.  They are making strides.

Brian & Ericka start learning the dance and they are slowly, but surely getting their spirits up.  Ericka says seeing Brian dancing made her fall in love with him again.  They finish the dance and it’s on to the herring.  They tell Ericka to hold it up high and drop it in her mouth, she smiles and eats it and they finish the Detour.  They remember they need bikes so they ask a man if they could borrow two of his bikes.  They take them to the Pit Stop.

They get to the Mat, relived to finally be finished.  They are shocked when Phil tells them they are the 5th team to arrive, but then he gives them the news that they have incurred a 30 minute penalty for not taking the bikes to the Detour.  They go sit and wait it out as Maria & Tiffany are still trying to get their first hole.  They are frustrated but soldier on.

The winds pick up, the poker players fight their fatigue and frustration.  But back at the Mat, Phil calls Brian & Ericka over and officially checks them in as Team #5.  

Maria & Tiffany are still at the golf and Phil arrives out on the race course (which is never a good sign).  They don’t want to give up, but they just don’t see themselves finishing the task in the weather (it’s really looking like a storm is arriving).  Maria & Tiffany are then officially the 7th team eliminated from the Race.  

What a tough leg, probably the toughest of the season so far. 
The tasks were very intricate each with different facets to them.  The Road Block was easy as long as you had presence of mind. 

And the Detour was very interesting.  Again, always awesome to have teams interact with the locals and not only that, dress like them and really get into their culture. 

Kudos to Maria & Tiffany for continuing to fight and funny coincidence with the previews for next week showing the Race going back to definitely one of the most unforgettable Road Blocks ever; the hay bales Road Block that did in Lena & Kristy in TAR6.  They didn’t give up until Phil comes to the field to eliminate them.  Almost the same with Maria & Tiffany. 

And Brian & Ericka, just a tough leg for them.  Started off rough and just stayed that way until they got their spirits up with the dancing only to have their spirits dashed when Phil gives them the penalty… then relief again when they are told they are safe.

Next week should be exciting, especially with the Road Block and then this interesting and mysterious “Switchback” that’s been talked about and previewed as well.

Leg Seven Itinerary
Dolphin Bay Beach
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lely Monument on The Afsluitdijk

Windmill at Groningen

Groningen City, Groningen

Vierhuizen (De Marne), Groningen

Zoutkamp Harbor, De Marne
Groningen Province

Leg 7 Departure Times
Dolphin Bay Beach
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Meghan & Cheyne 1:13pm
Meria & TIffany 3:09pm
Sam & Dan 3:10pm
Brian & Ericka 3:25pm
Gary & Matt 3:34pm
Flight Time & Big Easy 4:20pm

Who Did the Detour?
In order of completion




Road Block Count

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did this week’s Road Block
Who’s got strong legs and keen eyes?
3 Gary Matt 4
4 Sam Dan 3
3 Meghan Cheyne 3
2 Maria Tiffany 4
4 Herbert Nathaniel 3
4 Brian Ericka 3
1 Mika Canaan 5
3 Lance Keri 2
2 Zev Justin 2
1 Marcy Ronald 2
1 Garrett Jessica 1
0 Eric Lisa 0

Leg 7 Order of Finish
1st Sam & Dan
2nd Meghan & Cheyne
3rd Flight Time & Big Easy
4th Gary & Matt
5th Brian & Ericka*
Philiminated Maria & Tiffany

* Incurred a 30 minute penalty

My Team Rankings for Leg 7

Sam & Dan Sam & Dan – Another strong team.  They have the physical aspect and the mental aspects of the Race down.  They’ve gotten over their short tempers and that could be enough to get them to the final leg.  Now without Maria & Tiffany, they have to work alone (though they did work with Meghan & Cheyne a little this leg) which actually could benefit them more.
Herbert & Nathaniel Herbert & Nathaniel – Having fun… one of the most important things to remember to do on the Race.  It’ll definitely help get you through even the toughest Road Blocks or Detours.  Flight Time and Big Easy always remember to have fun and enjoy (well, except for last week I guess) and they’ve done well for themselves so far. 
Gary & Matt Gary & Matt – A good leg for them, but a little bit of a  bump with that Detour switching just because of the fish.  They’re a sleeper team for sure and have a good shot to make final 3 if they keep up their good teamwork.
Brian & Ericka Brian & Ericka –  Also a rough leg for them.  Rough from the get go, Ericka’s performance at the Road Block knocked them down in morale a little going into the Detour, which may have caused that oversight with the bikes.  But once their spirits are up, they can Race well and hard.  They escaped elimination thanks to Maria & Tiffany’s worse luck, but next week they need to pick themselves up and Ericka will need to keep her frustration down to a minimum, and judging from her carefree herring snack, she can overcome rough patches easily. 
Maria & Tiffany Maria & Tiffany – A tough break for them this leg.  They couldn’t muster up the strength to finish the Detour (or really, they didn’t have the male strength to breeze past the high striker or the golf like the other teams did), but they didn’t give up.  Much kudos to them for that.  Their Race overall though has been very sporadic with last week their only good leg.  Before that escaped most weeks on luck and luck ran out for them this week.  They started out sketchy with the lame lie to cover up their pokah pokah pokah, but they sort of picked themselves up afterwards (with the help of Sam & Dan of course).
Meghan & Cheyne Meghan & Cheyne –  Meghan’s frantic-ness continues this week.  If I were Cheyne I’d tell her to stop nagging, but it hasn’t seem to have hurt them yet.  They continue to do well also and are the team to beat.
Quotes from Episode 15.07
Sam: “What’s the town called, Dan?”
Dan: “Martinitoren.”
Sam: “Martini, like the drink?”

Gary: “My dress is falling!”

Carillonneur: “You’re laughing?”
Ericka: “Might as well, I already cried.  You just didn’t see that part.”

Phil: “You guys like dressing up like this?”
Sam: “We’re not that kind of gay guys.”

Episode Caps

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Listen to Mika & Canaan’s Music!

Listen to Mika & Canaan’s Music!

Mika & Canaan recount their experience to People Online and whether they’ll follow in Garrett and Jessica’s footsteps to the altar.

Plus, Canaan has a top 10 hit on the Country music charts, a song he wrote, “Runaway” which is performed by Love and Theft.

Check out Canaan’s music and Mika’s music on their MySpace pages.

Canaan Responds to Criticism Of the Way He Handled Mika on the Slide

Canaan Responds to Criticism Of the Way He Handled Mika on the Slide
Plus, Mika & Canaan talk about team relationships

Canaan tells Reality TV World his strategies in trying to Mika down the slide.

Reality Wanted asks Mika & Canaan about their relationships with the other teams.

How did Canaan feel about The Globetrotters’ taunting? TVGuide gets the answer

Recap: The Amazing Race 15, Episode 6 – “I wish I were naked right now!”

Episode 15.06 – Do It For the Hood!  Do It For the Suburbs!
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The 6th leg begins with Meghan & Cheyne getting their first clue.  Teams will have to choose one of the locked briefcases by the Mat and then travel to the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club where they will search the marina’s boardwalk for their next clue.

They get there and woah! We have the Road Block.  (First time we’ve had one so early in an episode yeah?)
In this Road Block, teams will have to row an inflatable dinghy to a yacht where a shiek will give them a watch, following the Arab custom of hospitality.  They’ll row back to the dock to open their briefcase and the teams must figure out that the time on the watch, 8:35, is the code to open the case which has their next clue.

Cheyne goes off to do the Road Block while Brian & Ericka leave the Pit Stop more than an hour and a half after the lead team.  Flight Time & Big Easy then leave almost an hour after them with Gary & Matt right behind.  

Meghan & Cheyne easily finish the Road Block and get their next clue telling them to head to Abra Station, a dock for water taxis in the Souq quarter of Dubai where they will find their next clue.  Brian & Ericka arrive and he chooses to do the Road Block, though he doesn’t seem to know how to row.

Almost an hour after Gary & Matt, Sam & Dan leave the Pit Stop and wish the Globetrotters would be out since they’ve been doing so well.  Brian & Ericka finish as Gary & Matt arrive.  Gary does the Road Block and finds interesting ways to paddle.

The very separate Race continues as Meghan & Cheyne arrive at the next clue, the Detour.  In this Detour, teams will choose between Gold or Glass.
In Gold, teams will use a precision scale to weigh out $500,000 worth of gold using a regularly fluctuating gold exchange rate on a nearby screen by dividing $500,000 by the exchange rate.
In Glass, teams will put together 12 hookah pipes using disassembled parts in a crate and looking at 3 displays as guides.  They must use all given parts to be given their next clue. 

Meghan & Cheyne decide to do Glass since the exchange rate is too confusing.  They begin and find that assembling the hookahs is a little tricky.  Meghan starts to freak out and get frustrated.
Brian & Ericka find the Detour and decide to go to the gold.  They try to do the math, but that’s turning out to be tricky as well.  Ericka wishes they had a calculator.

The last two teams depart the Pit Stop and now all teams are on the Race course. 
Big Easy gets in the dinghy for the Road Block and doesn’t know how to row either.  He begins a backstroke, which Dan follows when they arrive.  They get the watch and head back to the docks just as Tiffany gets out into the water.  

Dan easily figures out the combination, but Big Easy is stuck on the combination being 8, 7 (which the minute hand is pointing to) and some other number he thought was the date.  Dan passes and quickly comes Tiffany.  Mika & Canaan catch up as well.  Contrary to Mika’s belief, the Muslim clock is exactly the same as an American one and Canaan opens up the briefcase leaving the Globetrotters now in last place.  Big Easy finally figures out it’s the time and they are off.

Brian & Ericka give a guess, but it’s wrong.  Brian wants to switch Detours.  They try one more, but it’s still wrong.  They go.  Meanwhile Meghan & Cheyne don’t realize they need to use all parts, so no matter how much tongs switching they do, the man isn’t giving them their next clue.  Meghan’s freaking out even more.  She’s still frantic even as they figure it out and they move on.  

Teams must now go to the Atlantis, The Palm Resort and search the Aquaventure water park for the Leap of Faith.  Teams will have to go down the 6-story water slide through a shark tank and grab their clue at the bottom.  

Brian & Ericka get to the hookahs and get them up pretty quick, but mixed up some parts with each other.  Meanwhile Sam & Dan and Maria & Tiffany decide to do the gold.  The brothers get there and lucky for them, they brought a calculator on the trip.  Yet, they can’t figure “their” exchange rate.  $941.25  to an ounce (at this moment).  You need $500,000 worth.  What’s not to understand?
Again, lucky for them, the girls arrive and immediately know what to do.  They ask for the calculator, the brothers say they have to tell them the answer afterwards.  Of course say the girls so Maria gets to calculating and they get their number.  But just as they finish loading their scale, the exchange rate changes again and they have to recalculate.

Flight Time & Big Easy, still in last, choose the hookahs where Brian & Ericka, Gary & Matt and now Mika & Canaan are still at work on.  Clearly well ahead of them, Meghan & Cheyne head to the slide.  They see the sharks down there, but slide down and get their last clue for the leg telling them to head to Dolphin Baby Beach just in the resort.  They run over there and claim first place.  They each win a personal watercraft.

The Globetrotters arrive and that raises the tension at the hookahs.  Couple that with the heat, and the teams are stressing.  Ericka gets frustrated.  Matt feels woozy.  Mika sweats like she’s never in her life (“I wish I were naked right now!”)

Brian finally figures out they need to match the bases with the hoses and they finally leave.  Noting that Brian & Ericka left two hours before them, the Globetrotters decide to do the other Detour fearing they wouldn’t be able to catch up.  

Maria & Tiffany go down the slide and take 2nd (!!) a huge step up for them.  Sam & Dan are right behind and have a “Baywatch moment” the girls put it when they finish 3rd.  Maria & Tiffany enjoyed the boys in the red shorts running on the beach.  They all group hug in the water.

Brian is scared of heights, Ericka is scared of water, so the Leap of Faith is perfect for them.  They do it and run to the Mat for 4th.  Gary & Matt head out of the Detour and Mika & Canaan finish as well.  The Globetrotters ask if they can borrow a calculator, which they get and begin calculating and loading the scale, but the rate changes again just as they finish.

Gary & Matt slide and finish 5th but on the way there, Mika is starting to feel sick at the thought of heights.  We are treated to a flashback to Vietnam where Canaan tells us Mika is scared of water and to last week when we learned Mika was scared of heights.  She’s got a two for one on this task. 

The Globetrotters finish, give the guy a kiss and they are off. 

Mika, pink floaties all ready on her arms, does not want to go down.  Canaan tries to plead with her, hold her hand, pull her to the slide but she’s not having any of it.  She sits on the slide.  Canaan sees a ray of light.  She wants to back off again, he gets behind her hoping to just slide down together, she yells at him to get away.  They’re running out of time as the Globetrotters have arrive at the Resort and probably minutes away.  

“Why do you hate me?” Mika asks. Canaan says because she’s being a complete moron about a water slide.

The Globetrotters have arrived and are ready to go down.  Now Mika has two minutes since only one team can slide down at a time.  Canaan is trying to encourage Mika and she seems to be calming down but the Globetrotters begin psyching her out.  That’s not cool, Canaan says.  The two minutes are up and the Globetrotters take the slide.


Canaan decides to slide down first, hoping Mika will just follow him down.  She does, but by walking the stairs.  The Globetrotters check in 6th.

Mika & Canaan dejected, walk to the Mat.  Unfortunately for them, this isn’t a non-elimination and they are officially Philiminated from the Race.

This was a crazy leg.  The challenges weren’t particularly that challenging, yet those probably turn out to be the most challenging of all.  The stress and the heat of Dubai probably added pressure to the teams.  

The Gold Detour seemed a lot easier to me, I guess it’s my experience with converting Dollar to Philippine Peso remittances that makes that side of the Detour so easy.  Though I do know some people who would have an eaassyy time putting together a hookah.

The leg structure was strange, but different in a good way I guess.  The departure times were so spread apart and with no equalizers this leg, it could’ve easily been a boring, predictable finish.  But the teams managed to bunch up on their own and it actually turned out very exciting.

Especially with the dramatic finale of course. We’ve never seen anyone have such a breakdown like that ever on the Race.  We’ve had people quit tasks before, but this time was different.  It cost Mika & Canaan the Race (even though I was totally expecting a non-elimination this week.  Maybe next week?).

I hope we get some new twists soon.  Knowing the Race, I’ve been expecting a non-elim the last two weeks.  Let’s hope for a double leg, those are always more fun though.

Leg Six Itinerary
Souk Madinat Jumeirah


Dubai Creek Yacht & Golf Club

Abra Station in Souq quarter of Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm Resort / Aquaventure
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Dolphin Bay Beach
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Leg 6 Departure Times
Souk Madinat Jumeirah
Meghan & Cheyne 8:17am
Brian & Ericka 9:59am
Flight Time & Big Easy 10:42am
Gary & Matt 10:45am
Sam & Dan 11:34am
Maria & Tiffany 11:47am
Mika & Canaan 11:54am

Who Did the Detour?
In order of completion





* Teams who switched from other Detour
did not complete a Detour.

Road Block Count

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did this week’s Road Block
Who’s ready to row, row, row their boat?
2 Meghan Cheyne 3
4 Brian Ericka 2
3 Gary Matt 3
3 Sam Dan 3
2 Maria Tiffany 4
1 Mika Canaan 5
3 Herbert Nathaniel 3
3 Lance Keri 2
2 Zev Justin 2
1 Marcy Ronald 2
1 Garrett Jessica 1
0 Eric Lisa 0

Leg 6 Order of Finish
1st Meghan & Cheyne
2nd Maria & Tiffany
3rd Sam & Dan
4th Brian & Ericka
5th Gary & Matt
6th Flight Time & Big Easy
Philiminated Mika & Canaan

My Team Rankings for Leg 6

Maria & Tiffany Maria & Tiffany – Finally!  They step up their game and actually prove that they know something.  The Detour, which really was pretty simple and probably easier than the hookah if you had a calculator, showed that yes the girls can actually do something.  Great finish for them and they could make a run for the million if they keep up this new momentum going into the next leg.
Brian & Ericka Brian & Ericka -It was a simple enough leg, but maybe that’s what brought on the teams’ biggest frustrations.  Brian & Ericka were definitely one of those teams, Ericka more so. While they didn’t completely crack under pressure like other teams did, the previews showed next week might be the week.  For them, it’s all about keeping their good momentum and not letting little things get in their way.
Gary & Matt Gary & Matt – Another okay leg from them.  It’s great to see them talk about bonding in the Race, but it would be even better if we actually saw them bonding.  TAR hasn’t shown us much from them the last couple of legs.  
Meghan & Cheyne Meghan & Cheyne -  Meghan’s progression has been very interesting.  She’s gone from easy going in the first few legs to the frantic-in-a-second these last two.  They had a comfortable lead from last leg, but if she continues to freak out like that, it could hurt their otherwise, so far near perfect Race.
Sam & Dan Sam & Dan – They depended solely on the girls in this leg.  They would’ve been lost had Maria not given them the answer to the Detour.  Good for them that they are equally contributing, bad though when they will actually have to think for themselves in the future.  
Herbert & Nathaniel Herbert & Nathaniel – They’re lucky Mika is deathly afraid of water and heights, otherwise they’d be easily gone this week.  A stupid slip-up at the Road Block put them behind early and could’ve cost them the Race, had it not been for Mika.  But this was really their first time slipping up badly so hopefully they can rebound (pun intended?) next week.  Great work at the gold Detour though.  Would’ve been even better had it not been a 2nd choice.
Mika & Canaan Mika & Canaan – We probably have never seen a scene on TAR like we did this week with Mika & Canaan on the slide.  Mika’s fears must have been so deathly that she’d rather lose a chance at a million dollars than go down a water slide.  While many people probably would’ve just pushed her down the slide, let’s put ourselves in her pink floaties.  She has to be the first Racer to ever not conquer their fear, especially in a make or break situation.  Disappointing end for them.  I hoped they could do well. Nice people but they had a chance and blew it.
Quotes from Episode 15-06
Ericka: “I start off with makeup and good hair.  By the end of the day, it’s all melted off and it’s a mess, but you gotta start fresh and clean!  You gotta try.”

Sam: “Maybe we’ll have to ride in a yacht, that would be sweet.  Maybe we’ll be in a music video!!”

Ericka: “I don’t know a lot about gold, but I do like to wear it.”

Flight Time: “We stay here long enough, Lance & Keri might show up.”

Ericka: “My American education’s dumbed me down to use a calculator for everything.”

Mika: “Does a Muslim clock work different.”

Ericka: “I’m much better at spending money than counting and keeping it so I just kind of let him do what he’s best at.  I’m sure glad I married up.”  

Ericka: “This man’s got a heart of gold, too bad he doesn’t know how to count it.”

Mika: “I wish I were naked right now!”

Episode Caps

500+ episode caps from Leg 6 now online at xangatheamazingracecaps2

Lance & Keri Reflect on the Race

Lance & Keri Reflect on the Race

Lance & Keri’s Farewell:
Lance and Keri’s Farewell

Lance makes no apologies for his bravado throughout the race and doesn’t feel humbled by the experience. Surprised?

Lance & Keri tell Reality Wanted about what they took from the Race

Reality TV World asks Lance & Keri about how they felt watching themselves back on the Race and which teams they root for.

Snowman Decapitation? Lance & Keri tell TVGuide about the Detour AND reveal some wonderful, happy news about their lives! (or should we say life?) Congrats to them!!!

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Vote for The Amazing Race on the People’s Choice Awards!

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Recap: The Amazing Race 15, Episode 5 – “My butt’s cold!”

Episode 15.05 – I’m Like Ricky Bobby
Miss the episode or want to watch it again?  Watch the full episode at!

After the unfortunate circumstances in the last leg, Sam & Dan leave the Pit Stop in first place.  With $160 for the leg, they read their next clue: “Fly to the Persian Gulf and find the world’s tallest building.”  The teams must figure out that the world’s tallest building is the Burj Dubai, twice the height of the Empire State Building and still under construction.  When they figure out they can find the building in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, they will make their way to the Dubai Fountain where they will sign up for one of two elevators that will take them up to the 124th floor of the building where they will find their next clue.

Sam & Dan are not sure where the Persian Gulf is.  Flight Time & Big Easy go to an internet café and figure the world’s tallest building is in Dubai.  Brian says the Race is one big game of karma, so they’ll try to be as nice as they can be to other teams.  Ericka says the world’s tallest building is in Dubai, Brian asks if she’s sure.  YES! She’s sure!

Gary & Matt don’t like playing “Follow the Leader,” so they want to play smarter from here on out.  Meghan & Cheyne want to keep that front of the pack mentality.  Lance & Keri aren’t going to be torn apart by anything.  Mika is scared of heights, Canaan loves ’em.  Maria & Tiffany are grateful for the lucky breaks, they think they can be contenders. (Sure…)

At the airport, Sam & Dan tell the counter they want to book tickets to the Persian Gulf.  The lady has never heard of that before.  “Persian Gulf isn’t even a country” Sam says to Brian and Ericka who inform them that they have to fly to Dubai.  The other teams arrive and Brian tells them all it’s Dubai.  Lance & Keri get held up at the internet café, which has a horribly slow internet connection, though Lance says it’s just because everyone’s booking flights.

Eventually all teams make the same flight through Bangkok to Dubai.  Night falls and the teams arrive.  Brian & Ericka are out of the airport first, followed by Maria & Tiffany.  They all realize how hot it is, even at night.  

Tiffany & Ericka sign up for the first elevator, along with Brian & Ericka and Sam & Dan.  Mika & Canaan, one of the first teams out of the airport gets a taxi driver who has no idea where he is going, they just came from where they were supposed to be.  The delay allows Meghan & Cheyne to get the 4th and last spot on the first elevator at 5:30am.  Mika & Canaan settle for the 2nd elevator at 5:45am with the Globetrotters, Gary & Matt, and Lance & Keri.

The teams head up to the 124th floor and on the balcony grab their next clue telling them to go to the parking garage at the Dubai Mall and choose one of the marked cars to drive themselves to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.  They will take 4x4s to their next clue.

Also included in the clue is the ONLY Fast Forward on the entire Race.  For this Fast Forward, teams head to Dubai Autodrome, the only race track of its type on the Persian Gulf, where one team member must drive an F3 open wheel race car and complete a lap in 45 seconds or less.  

Meghan & Cheyne go for the Fast Forward, as the other teams head for the desert.  They act like their task up in the building was the hardest thing ever, as Brian suggests, which causes Mika to start freaking out more.  She is happy to find out they just have to walk out, grab their clue and go.  Big Easy flings his hard hat away and Group 2 is off.  But Lance & Keri, as they usually do, get themselves off track putting them in last.  

Mika says she’ll keep an eye on the Globetrotters and see if they go a different way.  They do, but Mika & Canaan continue the opposite direction.  

Meanwhile, Meghan & Cheyne get to the racetrack.  Cheyne says he’s ready for an unexpected challenge, but Meghan hates not being in control of a situation.  She tears up as Cheyne gets into the car.  He easily finishes the task and they get their clue telling them head for the Pit Stop in a Maserati.

Brian & Ericka, Sam & Dan, and Maria & Tiffany arrive at the Reserve and each get into a 4×4 shuttle.  They speed off into the desert sand dunes for a very fast wild ride.  Back in Dubai, Mika & Canaan get pointed in the right direction while Lance & Keri’s miscommunication gets on the wrong exit.

At the Reserve, the teams find the Road Block, Who thinks they can beat the desert heat?
Phil says the teams have to “Drink in the landscape.”  For this Road Block, teams will choose a traditional bag and search the desert for water in urns buried in the sand.  However, not all of the urns contain water.  When they fill their bags with enough water, they will take it back to the Bedouin and his thirsty camels and they will get their next clue.

Brian, Tiffany, and  Dan do the Road Block but under the scorching heat, they have no idea where to find the urns.  They head out far across the dunes and finally find urns, but none of them have water.  “This might be a mirage,” Brian says just as the Globetrotters and Gary & Matt arrive. 
Brian finally finds an urn with water and begins filling his bag.  He gets done and whispers to Dan and Tiffany to go straight behind him.  He says he treats others the way he wants to be treated and hopefully the other teams will be helping them out later on in the Race.

Brian & Ericka get their next clue telling them to head back into Dubai and find Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort spanning the size of four football fields.  There they will find their next clue.
Dan and Tiffany begin to fill their bags, but Dan breaks his ladle.  Tiffany offers to let him use hers as soon as she’s done.  Matt finds another one just as they are leaving.

Mika & Canaan are close to the Reserve but are not sure of where to go.  They see Brian & Ericka coming up and Ericka tells Brian to tell them where to go, but to hurry up.  Mika & Canaan get the info they need and head towards the Reserve.  “I’m nice but I’m not dumb” Brian says, “this game is all about karma.” 

Mika & Canaan arrive as the other teams are leaving.  Maria wants to back up but a car is blocking their way and instead she moves forward over some spike or block of wood which pierces their radiator.  It’s now leaking radiator oil.  The other teams cringe.

Sam & Dan go out to see how their friends are doing.  Tiffany asks if they’re gonna go, but Dan says if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have had a ladle so they stay with them until their replacement car arrives.  It comes pretty fast and they are off.

Lance & Keri are still on their way to the Reserve as the Globetrotters finish with Mika & Canaan getting started on the Road Block.  Meanwhile, Meghan & Cheyne arrive at the Pit Stop and check in first, winning a trip to Jamaica

Back in Dubai, we get an Arabian-remixed “Jingle Bells” as teams arrive at the Ski Dubai resort, a literal snow resort in the middle of the desert.  Gary & Matt are first and they find the Detour.

In this Detour, teams have to choose between Build a Snowman or Find a Snowman
In Build a Snowman, teams will have to carry snow from inside the building outside in the 130 degree heat and build a snowman.  If they can build their snowman faster than the heat turns it into slush, they’ll get their next clue.
In Find a Snowman, teams take a chair lift up to the top of the mountain and sled down to the mounds of snow where they will have to search for a small snowman.  When they find it, they’ll hand it to the Polar Bear who will give them their next clue.  

Gary & Matt choose Find a Snowman.  Back to the 120 degree heat in the desert, Canaan finally finds some water and he and Mika are off.  Lance gets frustrated however and slams an urn onto the sand.  It rolls.  When he finally finds water, he fills his bag, tips the urn which empties out all the water and dumps his supplies off to the Bedouin.  “Have a nice life” he says.

Back to the 20 degree insulated ski resort, Brian & Ericka, Maria & Tiffany, and Sam & Dan arrive all deciding to dig as well.  They slide down the mountain, Ericka enjoying the entire ride down.  The Globetrotters are right behind.

They’re all digging when Ericka finds one.  She shows it to the other teams and they give it to Mr. Polar Bear who hands them their next clue telling them to head for the Pit Stop, Souk Madinat Jumeirah.  They check in 2nd.

The Globetrotters fling their sleds in the air just as the other teams decide to build instead of digging endlessly.  Canaan gets testy with Mika as they drive back to Dubai and Lance & Keri realize how poor their decision making is.  “We are directionally challenged” they laugh.

Sam is stubborn about switching Detours, but Dan pushes him until they go.  Just then the Globetrotters find the snowman and leave.  Mika & Canaan arrive just as they are leaving, but tell them they should get their coats to bring inside.  Mika & Canaan thought that was nice of them.  They get inside and Mika says she’s never sledded (though no experience was required really), so they do Build, which really defeats the purpose of them getting coats anyway.

The Globetrotters are in 3rd place.  Gary & Matt finish and take 4th followed by Sam & Dan in 5th.  Maria & Tiffany arrive at the Mat and Phil asks them to pick a number.  Maria says 5, Tiffany says 6.  They’re 6th.
Mika & Canaan hire a taxi to lead them to the Pit Stop and they finish 7th. 
Lance & Keri are finishing up their snowman.  Lance jams the carrot into the poor snowman’s face.  It breaks in half.  One of his eyes falls off.  Lance asks the lady if he can kick the snowman, she says “You want your clue or not?”  They laugh and take their clue.  They hope for a non-elimination and all signs are actually pointing to one.  The music, Phil’s speils, Lance & Keri’s comments… but no, it is an elimination leg and Lance & Keri are officially Philiminated.  

The elevator sign ups proved to be very critical to the outcome of the leg.  If Mika & Canaan’s taxi didn’t get them lost, Meghan & Cheyne wouldn’t have been first and therefore wouldn’t have gone for the Fast Forward.

Speaking of, I still do miss the days when we’d have more Fast Forwards on the Race, let alone one of every leg of the Race.  It always provided a chance for some extra drama of teams fighting for that one special pass, a team moving up because of FF, the strategy of when to use it, the uncertainty that a Fast Forward actually gets you in first, and extra chance to interact with the locals.  Too bad it’s been reduced to a prize.

Dubai is a fascinating place.  And very wealthy, right?  Where else can you have so much development and a freaking snow resort in the middle of the desert.  That must’ve been trippy, to be sweating it out on miles of desert and then playing in snow.  Lots of fun as well.

The previews for next week were very interesting especially for Mika and Canaan.  They’re the new Nathan & Jennifer (TAR12) I think, and that means fun!  Canaan wanting to push Mike down the tall slide when she’s deathly afraid of heights?  Fun!

Leg Five Itinerary
Wat Phnom
Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Bangkok, Thailand

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Fountain
Burj Dubai
Dubai Mall Parking Garage

Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Leg 5 Departure Times
Wat Phnom
Phnom Penh
Sam & Dan 12:25pm
Flight Time & Big Easy 12:27pm
Brian & Ericka 12:30pm
Gary & Matt 12:35pm
Meghan & Cheyne 12:35pm
Lance & Keri 12:47pm
Mika & Canaan 12:49pm
Maria & Tiffany 12:55pm

Who Did the Detour?
In order of completion



*Teams began the “Find” Detour but switched to “Build”

did not complete a Detour.

Road Block Count

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did this week’s Road Block
2 Meghan Cheyne 2
3 Brian Ericka 2
2 Sam Dan 3
2 Maria Tiffany 3
2 Gary Matt 3
3 Herbert Nathaniel 2
1 Mika Canaan 4
3 Lance Keri 2
2 Zev Justin 2
1 Marcy Ronald 2
1 Garrett Jessica 1
0 Eric Lisa 0

Leg 5 Final of Finish
>ff> 1st Meghan & Cheyne
2nd Brian & Ericka
3rd Flight Time & Big Easy
4th Gary & Matt
5th Sam & Dan
6th Maria & Tiffany
7th Mika & Canaan
Philiminated Lance & Keri

My Team Rankings for Leg 5
Almost even except for last place.

Brian & Ericka Brian & Ericka – They are totally right, karma is big on the Race.  Karma can be a great friend or the biggest bitch and so far, it’s been very nice to them (though it didn’t help out Zev & Justin that much last week).  They are keeping the momentum and getting in a groove finally.  Brian is keeping up the good karma, but you know both of them, especially Ericka, can turn up the game when they need to.
Herbert & Nathaniel Herbert & Nathaniel – They are continuing to do well.  They have a lot of things from their own lives to draw inspiration and encouragement from which definitely helps in the Race. 
Gary & Matt Gary & Matt – Doing fine as well, not a lot from them this week.  Could that mean we’ll be seeing more of them in the future?  We’ll see!
Meghan & Cheyne Meghan & Cheyne – A fast forward is always a nice thing to have and for them, it helps maintain their strong run of the Race so far.  They are shaping up to be the team to beat, they haven’t had much slip ups yet.
Mika & Canaan Mika & Canaan – Escaping elimination almost as much as Maria & Tiffany.  Next week looks to be the make it or break it leg for them.  They either step it up next week or are out.  I like them, but they’ve got to show some hustle and make careful choices.  The preview for next week calls back to leg 2’s duck frustrations that are always bad for a team on the Race.  Let’s see if they get through it.  
Sam & Dan Sam & Dan – All right leg for them.  Funny I expected more freak out during the Detour considering how much they freak out at smaller things.  Their waiting for Maria & Tiffany is not going to be the best thing for them to do in the future.  Great to have an alliance, but be careful at waiting and harming your own Race.
Maria & Tiffany Maria & Tiffany – Tiffany mentions them becoming contenders.  Well, we’ll see. They’ve been up and down (way down) throughout the Race, but they need a big move to keep up otherwise they could just as easily fall out of the Race.
Lance & Keri Lance & Keri – Lance’s competitiveness came out full force this leg.  He’s a fiery, passionate guy.  Probably not a douche, but just very energetic, maybe overly-so.  It would’ve been nice to see more of the goofy intensity than the doucheiness in the earlier legs, but overall they were actually fun.  They love each other, which is what matters.  Though Lance could’ve probably been a little more respectful to the locals, yeah? He emptied out the water urn! Haha.
Quotes from Episode 15-05
Keri: “Lance and I, the bond that we have is strong.  We love each other, you know, nothing could tear us apart.”
Lance: “And we have a lot of non-refundable deposits on the wedding at this point so I’m not going to lose out on that.  We’re going through with it.”

Canaan: “Schnikes!  Mika’s scared to death of heights.  I love heights.”
Mika: “Heights, not so much at all.”
Canaan: “You need to change that little ‘tude of yours this morning.”
Mike: “You need to quit telling me what to do.”

Gary: “I don’t think there’s a recession going on here.”

Lance: “Just gonna look up.  I just hope a plane doesn’t nick me in the head.”

Gary: “I’m about ready to wet myself.”

Ericka: “We definitely didn’t want me to do [the Road Block] because I would’ve just been crying and frantic probably because…”
Brian: “She melts.”
Ericka: “Chocolate melts…”
Brian: “Chocolate melts.”
Ericka: “…in the sun.”

Big Easy: “Being from New Orleans, we used to run from water.  Now I’m out here looking for it.”

Tiffany: “Leave it up to the girls to wreck the car.”
Maria: “I have an excuse because I’m an Asian female driver.”

Mika: “Isn’t it funny how you can drive a 120 miles an hour here and it feels like you’re going like 60?”
Canaan: “That’s 120 kilometers an hour.”
Mika: “Oh!  
Canaan: “So it only is 60.”
Mika: “I thought we were driving fast.”

Ericka: “My butt’s cold!”

Lance: “Me and Keri have different personalities, but we have a good relationship.  We’re different people, but I don’t think I’d want to marry myself.  I think it would suck so much.”
Keri: “Two of you would be too much… to handle.”
Lance: “I don’t think I could handle that.”

Episode Caps

Almost 1000!! episode caps from Leg 5 now online at xangatheamazingracecaps2

Karma and Monkey Business on Leg 4’s Bonus Amazing Race Videos

Karma and Monkey Business on Leg 4’s Bonus Amazing Race Videos

Newly dating couple Mika and Canaan bed down for the night and Mika shares something she doesn’t like about Canaan.

After breaking a mans auto rickshaw mirror, Brian makes things right.

Married couple Brian & Ericka explain why they like Gary & Matt so much.

A sweaty and exhausted Keri talks about her problems at the Roadblock.

The ofttimes bickering siblings Sam & Dan were in perfect harmony in this leg. They’re hoping it lasts.

Zev & Justin Detail How Their Elimination Went Down

Zev & Justin Detail How Their Elimination Went Down

Zev & Justin detail to Reality TV World exactly what happened and just how close the teams were at the Pit Stop.

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