Hindsight Review: KBS’ Bridal Mask is Simply Incredible

Major finale spoilers! Click here for the less-spoilery First Impression Review.

So I wonder if Korea ever got independence from Japan?

Now, everyone knows how Korea’s fight for independence turns out (and the unfortunate struggles they would find themselves in a decade or two later). But going into the final two episodes of KBS’ Bridal Mask, you had no idea of the roller coaster of emotions that would lie ahead.

Bridal Mask (Gaksital/각시탈) deserves all the praise and acclaim and eventual accolades it’ll be sure to receive. There have been many heroic epics on Korean television and it’s a great testament to the talent in the country that such huge stories have been wonderfully brought to the small screen.

But Bridal Mask took it a step further. A brave, slickly produced and excellently performed series that barreled its way through and never looked back. Continue reading

Review: KBS’ Bridal Mask – A Thrilling Hero’s Epic

Contains mild spoilers up to Episode 18

Some of the most exciting, action packed storytelling in Korea hasn’t been in the movie theatres, but on network television. Korean dramas such as Iris, Chuno, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, and many others have shown that the small screen is just as good a medium for big thrills as the big screen.

And for a lot of these stories, the longer format, several weeks as opposed to a two-hour film, allows for some deeper and many times more engaging story.

KBS’ Bridal Mask is just that; the thrilling and epic ascent of a hero.

The Story
It is the 1930s during the Japanese occupation of Korea. Korean-born Lee Kang To Continue reading