Hindsight Review: Cute, Sweet, Charming Baby-faced Beauty

It is hard not to love KBS’ Baby-faced Beauty (λ™μ•ˆλ―Έλ…€). The series was a perfect example of how to do a sweet, romantic comedy.

While Romance Town has the upper hand when it comes to side-splitting comedy, Baby-faced Beauty takes top honors when it comes to romantic cuteness. That’s not to say Baby-faced Beauty wasn’t funny. They had plenty of genuinely funny and surprising twists and turns.

But like Romance Town has the great chemistry of Sung Yu Ri and Jung Gyu Woon, Baby-faced Beauty has the even sparkier tandem of Jung Na Ra and Choi Daniel. Continue reading

Review: KBS’ Baby-Faced Beauty is a Cute, Breezy Romantic Workplace Comedy

Baby-Faced Beauty follows Lee So Young (Jang Na Ra), a 34-year old who just been fired from her job at a textile factory after 14 years. When firing her, her boss tells her she’ll be fine thanks to her youthful appearance. She looks not a day over 25.

Having to provide for her materialistic sister and their mother, who runs a local street food stand, and help take care of their debts, So Young finds a job at the corner alterations shop. But she ends up in big trouble when her sister “borrows” one of the fancy blazers from the shop and has to get it back. Through a crazy string of events, she Continue reading