Hindsight Review: TV5's Beki Boxer is One of the Best Filipino Series in Years

Beki Boxer

No spoilers! Click here for my First Impression Review and click here for my Check-In Review.

I have no reservations with my proclamation in that headline. I absolutely believe TV5’s Beki Boxer is one of the best, most enjoyable and most creative scripted Filipino series, drama or comedy, in years. Continue reading

First Impression Review: TV5's Jasmine an Engaging, Cinematic Experience

Basic first episode details.

TV5 continues its efforts to bring fresh concepts to Philippine television with their newest 1-hour weekly drama series Jasmine.

A TV5 co-production with Unitel Productions and Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, Jasmine aims to be a dramatic thriller about Jasmine (played by Jasmine Curtis-Smith) and her mysterious and possibly dangerous overzealous fan.

The first episode opens with the title character at an awards ceremony where she has just lost the Best Actress award to her TV5 rival Selina Pascual (Marvelous Alejo). While Selina is on stage accepting her award, the stage lights come crashing down on her head. Continue reading

Check-in Review: TV5's Beki Boxer Deserves To Be a Hit

No spoilers. For my First Impression Review, click here and for my Hindsight Review, click here.

TV5’s Beki Boxer should really be the biggest show in the Philippines today. And it is an injustice that it is not.

My first impression of Beki Boxer was that it was a “fun and hilariously charming little series” that had “plenty of heart to go along with the abundant laughs.”

And that certainly has not changed after 43 episodes. If anything, the show has only Continue reading

Hindsight Review: GMA's Carmela and Rhodora X Dropped the Ball

One spoiler, but it doesn’t really matter.

Carmela and Rhodora X premiered at the end of January. While I was lukewarm with Carmela, I saw a lot of potential in Rhodora X.

Color me not surprised that not one, but two Filipino drama series end up having disappointing runs. This is definitely nothing new with Filipino soap operas. But going into new shows, of course, you’re very hopeful. It is unfortunate, but never unexpected that they end up completely dropping their balls multiple times before they bid farewell. Continue reading

Commentary: The Moment When The Filipino Audience is Too Closed-Minded and/or Dense to Understand a Simple Advertisement

There are a lot of things to be frustrated about with Philippine entertainment. But maybe one of the things that irks me the most is the closed-mindedness of the Filipino television audience. Everyone familiar with Philippine entertainment knows about the petty network war and the blind loyalty people have to their network.

But what’s even worse is when a simple advertising campaign flies completely over the heads of the know-it-all Filipino netizen population, eliciting some cringe-worthy and eye roll-inducing pronouncements about a network, a show and its star.

TV5 is set to premiere Jasmine the Series this Sunday. The new drama stars Jasmine Curtis-Smith as a fictionalized version of herself who becomes the target of a dangerous stalker. The series aims to be both a dramatized look at the ins and outs of Philippine entertainment and a suspense thriller about one fantard who apparently goes too far.

A fresh and interesting concept for a series.

But it’s on TV5, a network that still struggles to appeal to an unwilling audience, no matter how good their shows can be (and are). Of course, that isn’t going to stop them from trying.

From to

And for part of TV5’s advertising campaign for Jasmine the Series, they’ve decided to be creative. Using Jasmine the Series‘ dramatized reality, a billboard of a product endorsed by Jasmine and Vin Abrenica (or his character on the show, Alexis) was mysteriously vandalized this week. Continue reading

Commentary: The Double Standards of Philippine TV (And Its Current Sorry State)

When Wowowillie went off the air in October 2013, people were celebrating the fact that class would finally be restored to Philippine noontime television. Gone would be Willie Revillame and his sexy dancers, on-air tampos and Filipino sob stories.

It is now May 2014. And in just the last week, Philippine noontime has seen indignant hosts, gays choking after getting polvorons stuffed into their mouths and being insulted and an old man feeling up a pretty young thing.

No, Willie Revillame isn’t back on television. But by those descriptions, you could very well be thinking of Kuya Wil, right?

And yet, barely a social media peep out of such so-called entertaining displays. But why? Because we all know if it really were Willie Revillame talking back to his director or network, making inappropriate jokes or making sexual advances toward a pretty young girl, you’d definitely hear about it. The MTRCB would be involved. All-knowing celebrities would tweet their sanctimonious disapproval.

Actually, that did happen. It regularly happened. But you don’t see the same faux outrage against the likes of Vice Ganda or Joey de Leon.

Wowowee, Wowowillie and everything in between was trash. Pure garbage. Unclassy. Nonsense. Waste of time. Yet Eat Bulaga and It’s Showtime are both beautiful pillars of the celebrity-based Filipino society. That’s the popular opinion, right?

Now I’m not writing this to defend Wowowee-tachi or Willie Revillame.

Well, I am. But that’s not my main point here. I’m writing to look at just why such double standards exist. Continue reading

Review: GMA’s Amaya – It’s About Time the Philippines Gets Their Sprawling Epic

No spoilers.

Korea, Japan, China… they’ve all produced countless period dramas ranging from fantasy and history to romances and drama.

So it is about time the Philippines gets one of their own. GMA Network’s Amaya is finally the sprawling epic Philippine TV has been waiting for.

The expensive new drama series is a Continue reading

Maria Flordeluna – Series Finale

If you’re only going to ever watch one episode of a Philippine soap opera, this is the one to watch.

The series finale of the most watched show in the country and one of the very best drama series ever… ABS-CBN’s Maria Flordeluna.

Check-in Review: ABS-CBN’s Vietnam Rose

No spoilers.



I gave it a good review when it first premiered. But I think I was blinded by the shockingly well done Vietnam War scenes. Since then, the show has just gone downhill. You can’t get invested in the stories, everything seems overly predictable, and the “magical-realism” is getting old.

No wonder its not ratings gold in the Philippines. Rumored only on for 3 more months? I say good riddance.

Image from SFGate.com VIETNAM ROSE
Weekdays at 4:30PM and 10:45PM on TFC

First Impression Review: ABS-CBN’s Panday

Basic first week spoilers.



Well, its been a while since Panday was first announced to be in production and after many stalls and delays and waiting for another teleserye to bite the dust, it finally premiered.

After a few weeks now, Panday seems to have hit its stride. It was a mixed beginning. Seeing Philip Salvador as Flavio, the original Panday was just awesome. The premiere episode was very well done and Salvador eminated the aura that Fernando Poe, Jr. brought to the role more than 20 years ago. The backstory was so exciting that the slow moving pace that arrived with Heart Evangelista and Jericho Rosales as Eden and Tristan.

Then began a low point in what was supposed to be an action-packed premiere week that would (ABS-CBN hoped) be enough to attract audiences that would trump rival GMA’s series Encantadia. However, audiences, like myself, were surprised and bored by the slow pace after such a fast-paced start. Then, there was the rushed romance of Eden and Tristan, that defeated the purpose of all the time they devoted to setup.

But once the show finally got to what it was all about, the fantasy, the swordfights, the legend… Panday started to greatly improve.

The story is starting to be fleshed out and the deeper they go, the better the show gets. The special effects are no surprise, they are Philippine-level SFX… but when watching a so-called Filipino fantaserye, you shouldn’t be expecting Harry Potter. It works though, and the story is definitely being illustrated.

Heart and Geoff… I mean Heart and Jericho, didn’t really click with me at first. There wasn’t a kilig factor right from the start, but there has been a complete turnaround. They are more than capable leads, and carry the show when the writing doesn’t. Great performancse from them so far.

Overall, Panday is an enjoyable, action-packed, Filipino soap opera. Hopefully it’ll last longer than recent ABS-CBN teleseryes.