Thursday Tunes, July 11, 2024 – “Serious” by FTISLAND

Thursday Tunes, July 11, 2024 – “Serious” by FTISLAND

Always so great to have one of my favorite artists back with fresh music. So FTISLAND releasing their first full album in eight years is more than a welcome arrival. Serious is such a perfect showcase for not only the band’s immense talent, but also their continued growth as artists even 17 years on. The band hopes they can express their current dynamic and how they create music together in this new album.

Serious opens with the stunning ballad “Letter to Myself”. A midtempo track about not doubting yourself and accepting yourself as you are. I think it is my favorite track from the album.

Double title tracks “Burn It” and “Serious” follow. And both are rousing, powerful rock tracks. “Burn It” speaks of the drive to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. And “Serious” continues that determination toward reaching your goal.

The next two tracks are Korean versions of previously released Japanese tracks. And both are probably my next favorite tracks. “Aqua” is a soaring performance that matches the story told in the lyrics of a traveler making their way through a vast sea. “Sunrise Yellow” is a bright and warm track and was released to commemorate the band’s 10th anniversary of their Japanese debut.

“T.I.V (Tears in Vain)” is an alternative rock track whose energetic melody evokes the feelings of the lyrics, telling the story of running from reality but arriving back in the present.

“Inferno” is a passionate track about the unavoidable intensity of love. “My

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