Saturday Sounds, July 6, 2024 – B.D.U, GreatGuys, ALL(H)OURS

Saturday Sounds, July 6, 2024 – B.D.U, GreatGuys, ALL(H)OURS

New music from B.D.U, GreatGuys, ALL(H)OURS.

“My One” by B.D.U

Project group B.D.U consisting of CIX’s Seunghun, M.O.N.T’s Bitsaeon, ONE PACT’s Jay Chang and Kim Minseo made their debut a few weeks ago with this sweet title track “My One”. The hopeful pop track is a nice, uplifting song. And it’s a positive song for them to introduce themselves with. At least, as a new group of four. The rest of the album Wishpool follows suit with similar vibes.

“I Love You” by GreatGuys

GreatGuys mark their first comeback as a three-member group with title track “I Love You”. The trot-infused pop track is a great, bright performance from the remaining members Horyeong, Donghwi and Baekgyeol. The positive vibes make it an easily attractive and fun performance.

“Shock” by ALL(H)OURS

Rookie group ALL(H)OURS make their first comeback with “Shock”. And like their debut, they make a strong impact with this EDM-powered track. Another powerful and charismatic performance from the group.

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