Thursday Tunes, July 4, 2024 – Lim Young Min, LYSON, K.Will, Seo In Guk

Thursday Tunes, July 4, 2024 – Lim Young Min, LYSON, K.Will, Seo In Guk
Happy Birthday America! How about these new tracks from Lim Young Min, LYSON, K.Will and Seo In Guk to play while firing up the grill today!

“Love” by Lim Young Min

Lim Young Min makes his first comeback as a solo artist with new album Love?. The title track of the same name is a rhythmic track that has Young Min expressing worries in love. The other tracks on the album each feature different styles, but of the same overall vibe. A solid release from Young Min.

“Orbit” by LYSON

It’s been a while since I’ve last heard new music from Lyson. But that’s definitely on me as I see he’s released quite a few singles since his solo debut a few years ago. I definitely have to catch up. And his new release today is a great place to start. Title track “Orbit” is such a great track perfect for the season. A guitar-powered pop-rock track suits his soothing vocals very well. The upbeat melody and Lyson’s performance help support the nostalgic and refreshing summer vibes.

“No Sad Song for My Broken Heart” K.Will

Though K.Will’s newest single has drawn a lot of attention because of the music video, let’s not forget to appreciate that he is an amazing talent and one of the most iconic voices in modern Korean music. Before we get to the music video, “No Sad Song for My Broken Heart” is so quintessential K.Will. An emotional ballad delivered with his passionate performance and powerful voice. You can’t go wrong with a K.Will ballad.

As for the MV, it’s also hard to believe it’s been TEN(!) years since “Please Don’t…” shocked the world with its soapy plot twist. It was a lot of fun back then and hearing this MV would continue that story was great. If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil anything. But it’s great MV for a great song.

“Out of Time” by Seo In Guk

“Anything With You” by Seo In Guk

It’s crazy to think how many fans today know Seo In Guk more as an actor rather than a singer who started his career winning the first season of Superstar K. (I’m really getting old lol) But he reminds everyone of that first talent with his latest double title release “Out of Time” and “Anything With You”. The moody R&B tracks are so perfectly suited to his smooth voice and both offer opportunities to show off his range as well. I definitely advise any fans of Seo In Guk the actor to check out his excellent discography too!

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