Saturday Sounds, June 29, 2024 – Yoo Heedo, Hwiyoung, Rocky, Nam Woohyun

Saturday Sounds, June 29, 2024 – Yoo Heedo, Hwiyoung, Rocky, Nam Woohyun

Four amazing tracks from soloists Yoo Heedo, Hwiyoung, Rocky and Nam Woohyun!

“Still Love” by Yoo Heedo

I was so excited to hear B.I.G’s Yoo Heedo would be making his solo debut this week. And OMG! His new track “Still Love” is absolutely amazing. Rarely does a song make such an immediate impact on me. But “Still Love” has. I wasn’t going to do a Saturday Sounds this week. But I had to just so I could include this track on my mid-year favorites list coming Monday. “Still Love” has definitely secured a very, very high spot on that list which I thought was already locked in. But “Still Love” is just that good. This alternative rock song is perhaps not the kind of track I would have expected from Heedo. Though he is B.I.G’s rapper, it is so awesome to hear him singing here. And his vocals perfectly suit the easily appealing melody. His performance effortlessly expresses the bittersweet lyrics speaking of the complicated feelings of an ended relationship. So good!

“It Is L0VE” by Hwiyoung

I don’t think I’ve ever listened to SF9’s Hwiyoung’s solo releases before. But I’m definitely listening now after his latest album Traveling Fish” was released. His rock-infused sound is quite unexpected for me since of course Hwiyoung is one of SF9’s rappers. But I’m pleasantly surprised by title track “It Is L0VE” and the two B-side tracks “Drive5” and “HBD.” What a great way to showcase his versatility. And I’m definitely encouraged to check out his previous solo releases as well. Really great tracks.

“Jealousy” by Rocky

Wowow! Rocky returns with his first comeback as a solo artist. And what a track! I thought his debut was alright. But title track “Jealousy” is on another level. The funky synth-powered dance track is such an attention grabber and so perfectly suited to Rocky’s talents as a total performer. You’ll be listening to the song and watching his performance and before you know it, you’ll probably be on your feet grooving along. Such a strong first comeback for him.

The other three tracks from the album Blank do very well in showcasing Rocky’s versatility. The mix of pop, rock and R&B is easily enjoyable. My favorite track is definitely “Read You”.

“Sunshine” by Nam Woo Hyun

Nam Woohyun releases a special album containing live versions of songs performed at his concert. And accompanying it is a new original song, “Sunshine.” The self-composed and produced track is a wonderfully youthful, nostalgic and emotional rock-infused track. The song and the rest of the album are great reminders of what a great talent Woohyun is as a soloist and of course as a member of INFINITE.

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