Mini-Recap: His Man Season 3, Episodes 3 and 4

His Man Season 3 Episode 3 and 4 Recap Review

Season 3 of His Man continues with two new episodes this week and it just keeps getting better!

First with episode 3, it’s great how it still felt like an introduction episode. It almost feels like it could be episode 2 or even part of episode 1 with the way the series was able to maintain that sense of beginning here. And even though it’s episode 3, it doesn’t feel like they’re dragging their feet or anything like that.

In fact, this episode was paced perfectly. Starting the episode with Jaeseung & Seungjin’s “Please get closer” date, it was a great contrast to the tension and drama that would come after.

His Man Season 3 Episode 3 and 4 Recap Review

It’s no surprise that Myeongkyun’s arrival would be shown the last out of the three dates. Especially with Seongmin and Hwi’s obvious connection already forged. Both are ready for a relationship hard launch (lol) with the way the two of them were all giddy and kilig throughout their day together and in their confessionals too.

But Myeongkyun coming in to interrupt their near-perfect day together was the perfect bit of drama. Awkwardness, jealousy, slight annoyance. It’s not hard to watch at all. In fact, it’s quite fun! Lol Myeongkyun seemingly oblivious to Seongmin and Hwi’s connection added to how fun that whole sequence was. But then we get to all eight guys finally coming together at home.

Mini-Recap: His Man Season 3, Episodes 3 and 4

Last week’s preview of course teased Youngjoon and Myeongkyun’s past relationship. But the awkwardness and tension between them played out so well. You can’t script that awkwardness. It was fun to watch. And it’s the kind of juicy drama that was missing in seasons one and two. Of course, we haven’t had ex-boyfriends on the show before. (At least, not in the same season hehe) So just having this dynamic helps offer a refreshing twist to the show without changing the show’s format.

And I definitely did not get tired of how much the show focused on their mysterious pre-show connection. Ending with them as the cliffhanger was also well-done. And I’m glad Episode 4 would continue with Day/Night 2. I hope that means we’ll be getting as many as 10 or more episodes if we get a day in each.

Before moving on to episode four, let’s talk about their big reveals. I don’t remember when seasons one and two had the guys reveal their ages and occupations. Maybe I’m even confusing it with Single’s Inferno. But nonetheless, that revelation session also played out very well. The surprises with ages was fun. Especially Jaeseung’s laugh. I thought that was a hilarious moment.

His Man Season 3 Episode 3 and 4 Recap Review

But what’s great here is how the ages and occupations actually affected the guys’ feelings. I don’t remember that happening in season one or two, I think. But regardless, we continue to see these interesting shifts in dynamics that keep the show very exciting.

It was nice seeing all the guys are successful in their careers. That’s a very positive image to showcase to a mainstream audience as well.

And one fun moment that deserves to be pointed out from Episode 3 was Hanmin grabbing that mayfly. The other guys recoiling in horror, but then also thinking that was so attractive was amusing as well.

His Man Season 3 Episode 3 and 4 Recap Review

Episode 4 picked up from the Youngjoon/Myeongkyun cliffhanger. Their scenes are like the epitome of the “What are we?” meme or in their case, “What were we?” They say they were just in the “flirting” phase. But I’m sure they’re not divulging everything to us. And they certainly don’t have to. Still, it was very interesting the show specifically included the two of them mentioning how they felt it was the other guy who lost interest first. So that seems to mean (or at least I hope) that we will be seeing them sort out their feelings during their stay in the house.

And that’s what was so great about this episode; seeing the relationships and feelings between the singles evolve. I feel like in other seasons, though of course still fun and enjoyable, the guys lacked the motivation and kind of more proactive move to actually sort their feelings out. Most of the time, the guys kind of stuck to one and maybe were even afraid of pursuing their other feelings.

But you’re not going find the one on Day 1. Not everyone has that kind of love at first sight story.

His Man Season 3 Episode 3 and 4 Recap Review

In this unique situation, no one should be faulted for trying to sort out their feelings. We saw Seongmin feeling guilty about not calling Hwi, for example. And his feelings as well as Hwi feeling a bit hurt or jealous about not getting a call are all valid in this very strange, unique situation.

But that’s why I think more group activities are helpful. Not just to nudge the guys into more TV-worthy drama and tension for our own entertainment. Lol But also to provide opportunities for the guys to perhaps sort out their feelings and questions they may have for each other.

That’s also one reason I enjoy the side convos where we see platonic friendships develop too between the guys. Seeing those different kinds of relationships really define how His Man is really a different series from other similar reality dating shows, especially in Korea.

His Man Season 3 Episode 3 and 4 Recap Review

Elsewhere, the Jaeseung double call twist was just starting to pay off here. And then we get Youngjoon receiving the privilege (or curse lol) here. I think the next episodes will see this twist play out much more. And again, it will bring about new and refreshing dynamics to the guys different from the previous seasons.

The phone calls actually feel more consequential this time around. And not just chances for more flirtations, but actually help with these guys’ overall journeys.

Overall, these two episodes were just so good. Lots of fun drama to enjoy. Lots of relationships to follow and try to keep track of! (I need to take notes I think lol) Next week, I’m looking forward to see more of the summer/hot weather effect on how the guys interact with each other. And I’m sure there’ll be a lot more surprises in store too.

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