Thursday Tunes, June 27, 2024 – EVNNE, RIIZE, U-KISS, TWS

Thursday Tunes, June 27, 2024 – EVNNE, RIIZE, U-KISS, TWS

Refreshing songs from EVNNE, RIIZE, U-KISS, TWS

“Badder Love” by EVNNE

I’ve really enjoyed EVNNE’s first two released with their powerful, “bad boy” image. But they switch things up with a different and more refreshing side of themselves with “Badder Love”. The synth-infused track and its refreshing melody allow the rookie group to really showcase their range in both performance and personality. It’s a great release to compliment their strong discography so far. I know I’ll be listening to this song a lot more this year and could easily find a spot in my year-end list.

“Boom Boom Bass” by RIIZE

I have been really behind on RIIZE’s music. I know they’ve had several pre-release tracks before the official release of their album and this title track “Boom Boom Bass”. But I’ll work my way backwards and check this one out first. “Boom Boom Bass” is very much a song that exemplifies the group’s refreshing sound. The funky pop dance track is probably my favorite title track from them so far.

I listened to their album RIIZING before watching the music videos of the pre-release tracks. And the track that immediately caught my attention was the R&B pop track “Honestly”. The rest of the album is also solid.

“Stay With Me” by U-KISS

After U-KISS awesome anniversary release last year, it’s great to have them back with new music again with the album Let’s Get Started. Title track “Stay With Me” is a rock-powered pop dance track that you can easily get into. The other tracks on the album are equally great with opening track “Love is You” is a witty dance track, midtempo acoustic track “Beautiful You Are” and previously released techno-pop song “Morse Code”. The album also includes a treat in the 2024 version of what is arguably the group’s biggest song “Manmanhani”.

“If I’m S, Can You Be My N'” by TWS

TWS officially make their first comeback with the album Summer Beat. And title track “If I’m S, Can You Be My N” definitely suits that summer vibe. The pop track has a bright energy. I might prefer their pre-release track “hey! hey!” a bit more. But this is a solid title that suits the group’s youthful vibe. The two tracks that caught my attention in the album are “If I Were the Sun” and “Fire Confetti”.

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