Music Monday, June 24, 2024 – “Before I” by Corbyn

Music Monday, June 24, 2024 – “Before I” by Corbyn

Corbyn is back with some brand-new music. And of course that is always a cause for celebration. Cory Hong, known as Corbyn for his music, has consistently released some amazing music that really also become multi-sensory experiences.

The multi-hyphenated talent takes care of everything from writing and composing to producing and directing. The songs, the albums, the music videos; it is all part of an experience with every one of his releases.

The latest release Before I is a three-track EP. And the title track of the same name is just another showcase for Corbyn’s immense talent and the passion and effort he puts in his work.

It is an emotionally-charged, rock-powered track with the personal and affecting lyrics so effortlessly expressed through Corbyn’s performance. And as always, it is accompanied by a stunning music video.

The other two tracks on the album, “Galaxy Eyes” and “Bullet Through My Heart” are similarly meaningful and poignant. And of course similarly excellent as well.

Corbyn always pours his heart out in his music. And it’s not hard to get swept up in all the emotions and feelings he expresses and evokes through it.

Before I is another must-experience album from this talented artist.

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