Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 41 – Trace of God, Grace of Rainbow!

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

Houtarou delivers a Platinum Shoot finisher at the golem, but it slams the ground and Houtarou and Rinne go flying. Germain wants to eat Nijigon so he can more quickly convert more humans into Malgams.

Germain laughs at Houtarou’s defiance. But Rinne is able to create an opening (literally) in the golem’s chest and Houtarou delivers the Platinum Shoot finisher right at it. The golem explodes and Germain even catches some strays. He is amused by them and says he looks forward to more fun with them later.

Houtarou and Rinne dehenshin and split up to continue looking for Nijigon.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

Meanwhile, Clotho and Supana are still battling. Suddenly, black flames pop out of Supana’s arm, pushing Clotho back. Gigist appears and says Supana does not know how to master their shared black flames yet. So he invites Supana to join him and learn how.

Gigist suggests Supana destroy Germain as a test of his power. Supana asks what his deal is, but Gigist admits that if Germain is destroyed, he will be able to absorb his powers.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

Gigist leaves and Supana gives his black flame hand a thought. Lachesis comes over and tugs on Supana’s jacket. He turns to look at her with a sigh/smile of relief.

Nearby, Rinne runs into Atropos who reminds her of her promise. Rinne says she hasn’t forgotten and hurries off. Atropos smiles at her Papa Gurion cube.

Elsewhere, Nijigon is strolling along thinking of Supana’s words about Chemies only existing to fight. Nijigon is resolved to find something else he can do and will not return home until he does.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

He comes across a young woman dancing on her own and thinks she is so cool. She introduces herself as Mai and Nijigon compliments her on her idol-like skills. Mai explains that she was part of a dance trio until today. She’s been feeling insecure, thinking she has no future with so many other people better than her. Now she feels lost and doesn’t know what to do with her life. So she decided to quit, even though her group has a performance today.

Nijigon point out that she seems on the verge of tears. But Mai takes offense and says he knows nothing. She packs her things and leaves. Nijigon feels sad for her.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

Houtarou meets up with Rinne, Renge, Sabimaru and Minato-sensei so they can work together to find Nijigon. A pair of deliveryman overhear them and say Nijigon actually helped them earlier. They say Nijigon talked about wanting to find something he can do in life and how it meant a lot to him.

Rinne realizes Nijigon must have taken Supana’s words to heart. They all return to search for him. Minato stays behind to erase the deliverymen’s memories.

Meanwhile, Gaelijah says her divination shows Germain will reclaim a fragment today. Germain wishes he could just have fun. Atropos asks if Germain will kill Houtarou and Rinne. And Germain wonders if Atropos actually wants the opposite.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

While Supana is back at the classroom polishing is sword and thinking about Gigist’s offer, Houtarou and the others are led to the dance festival where they believe Nijigon is.

Mai’s group IRISE+GIRLS are next on the line-up, but they go on stage to announce they cannot perform because their groupmate has quit on them. Nijigon suddenly pops in and joins them on stage saying he will dance with them instead. Nijigon breathes out a rainbow and the two ladies begin singing and dancing about Chemies. Mai watches the performance from the back of the hall.

Afterwards, Houtarou-tachi barge into the group’s dressing room and happily reunite with Nijigon. Mei also walks in and thanks Nijigon for dancing in her place. She says she feels lifted up by Nijigon and that he has helped her remember her love for dancing.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

Mai says one of the reasons she began dancing was so she could lift others up too. She turns to apologize to her friends for ditching them. She wishes to dance with them again and the girls hug her. They say she of course can come back as long as she is open with them about her feelings and not keep things to herself. Mai agrees and they reunite.

Mai also hugs Nijigon and the now-complete IRISE+GIRLS go up on stage to perform their own song.

Minato-sensei arrives and tells Houtarou-tachi that Germain is coming. They hurry outside so the people enjoying the dance festival are not harmed. Houtarou says they must protect IRISE+GIRLS’ Gotcha.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

As Supana joins the squad, they meet Germain. Houtarou, Rinne and Supana henshin while Renge, Sabimaru and Minato do what they can to help with their alchemy.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

During the battle, Rinne tells Houtarou that they must defeat Germain because she made a promise to Atropos. Much to Houtarou’s surprise, she wants to save her. Supana comes in and says he will use whatever power he has, regardless of Gigist’s motives, in order to help people and save the world.

Houtarou is excited by their Gotchas. Nijigon adds that he has found his Gotcha as well and that is to cheer people on.

Houtarou locks in several Cards and Nijigon breathes his rainbow on them to bring about SteamHopper, TrooperWrestlerG and RaindenjiJungleJan to help in the battle.

Germain tells them to just stand there and let him kill them. He says humans are just his cute little pets who he wants to make happy. Rinne and Supana say humans will decide what makes them happy and Germain will have no part in that.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

The Riders team-up to deliver finishers and Germain tastes their rainbow as he explodes.

Supana apologizes for his words to Nijigon before. But just then, Atropos pops in and thanks Rinne for keeping her promise.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

But everyone is taken aback when Germain emerges from the smoke. Atropos approaches Germain who wants eat her. But Atropos sticks her Papa Gurion cube inside him.

To everyone’s shock, Gurion appears after taking over Germain’s body. Atropos is so happy to have her daddy back.

Gurion looks around at all the faces he says haunted him while in the abyss. But he says that he will not die until his golden dreams come true.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

Gurion leaves and Atropos follows, but not before she turns back to Rinne and smirks at her.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 41 Recap

Episode Thoughts

An interesting episode! A bit of a mix of a feel-good episode you might see in the 20s and some very exciting final stretch-type stuff as well. No big surprises, but some great action and nice little bits of character moments as well.

First, I loved that Supana-Clotho battle. Very badass on both their parts. Too bad about the black flames, because I think they could’ve gone a bit longer just one-on-one. And it would’ve been awesome! Lol

But then the end of the scene with Lachesis going up to tug on Supana’s jacket. Like, Hello?! What was that cute moment between them?! Lolol The shy, worried tug on the jacket and the little smile of relief from Supana at her. Too much teasing on this season. Show! Don’t do this to us hopeless romantics! Lololol

Anyway, speaking of great action, I loved the Germain battle. Lots of very nice drone work too. But that whole 1/3 of the episode from the IRISE+GIRLS’ performance serving as the background of the gang coming together and the fire OST playing during the main battle; it was all so cool and fun.

It was actually a great way to tee up Germain’s demise. I think we got enough from him to understand his philosophy and personality. And by the time he gets eaten by Gurion instead of being the one doing the eating, he feels like a character who has gotten a relatively complete arc. That is in comparison to other antagonists or visiting villains in other seasons who get defeated and you’re like, “Okay, sure.” Not the case with Germain. Especially as it relates to Gigist’s own plans. And of course now being the catalyst to Gurion’s return.

Not a surprise that Atropos had ulterior motives. But that smirk of hers looking back at Rinne was so ice cold! I had to laugh because she deserves to give that smirk and Rinne deserved to get it too. Lol Rinne should’ve known better. She’s too nice. hehe

With Supana, I think the episode did good in showing his evolution in thought. Whether it’s his viewpoint on Chemies or him warming up to someone like Lachesis or him trying to understand the implications of having black flame power, but without the threat of him going to the dark side or something; it’s all great to see.

Houtarou took a backseat a little this episode, but it was alright. It was great seeing him as well as Renge, Sabimaru and Minato together with Rinne and Supana working as a team. From searching for Nijigon to giving it all they’ve got against Germain.

Overall, an interesting, though ultimately exciting, fun and enjoyable episode. Good movement for many stories.

8 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 41 – Trace of God, Grace of Rainbow!

  1. Sorry. Just disregard that post I made earlier on this page. I hit copy-and-paste too much, and it resulted in a bunch of word salad. Here’s what I intended to post:

    Lemme tell ya something: If Lachesis and Supana end up becoming a couple, then Supana’s fan nickname is gonna immediately change from “Valvafraud” to “The Luckiest Man in All of Tokusatsu.”

    Even though I enjoyed his theatrics and flamboyance, I kinda figured that Germain would be the first of the Kings to “die.” He was far too overconfident and reckless. Even if his “victory” was “foretold” by Gaeliyah, he should’ve figured that taking on Houtarou as Rainbow Gotchard all by his lonesome wouldn’t end well for him, considered that Gigist got thrashed by that form. And I think Gurion hijacking Germain’s body and taking a third of the Philosopher’s Stone’s power for himself was an effective way to reintroduce the former while keeping him at an imposing threat level.

    Since Gigist and Germain resurrected after their respective defeats, it’s pretty much been confirmed that the main problem the Riders will have with defeating the Kings will be putting an end to them permanently, even if they are able to overpower them in combat. They can injure and weaken the Kings, but they’ll always keep coming back for more. And it makes sense if you think about it. Each King possesses a portion of the Philosopher’s Stone. And what’s one of the main things a Philosopher’s Stone is meant to grant? Immortality.

    Judging by Supana and Gigist’s interesting conversation at the beginning of the episode and Gigist’s confidence that Supana could kill Germain if he mastered the Black Flames, perhaps it’s being implied that the only way to permanently kill one of the Kings is through the power of the Black Flames?

    At the moment, based on amount of focus and screen time so far, I’d say that Gigist and the newly resurrected Gurion are the two prime candidates for the position of being the Final Boss. Though I highly doubt Gurion will end up being the Final Boss, even with his new power upgrade. Mainly because Gurion’s already had a lot of “time to shine” till this point. And also for the fact that, judging by the trailer for the summer movie, the future version of Gurion from Daybreak Gotchard’s timeline will be the Big Bad of that film, so having Present Gurion as the Final Boss would be a tad… repetitive. If anything, I’d say that Gurion is far more likely to be Supana’s opponent when the latter achieves his Final Form.

    Gigist, on the other hand, being the one who made Chemies in the first place, would fit well as the final villain of the season. Perhaps through him utilizing the Dread Driver himself and creating a Final Form for Kamen Rider Dread powered by the Philosopher’s Stone fragments possessed by him and the other two Kings. That would probably put him on par with, or even slightly surpass, Houtarou as Rainbow Gotchard.
    I also like that, at the moment, he’s taking a smarter approach to things by attempting to manipulate “both sides” and being completely cool with the Riders killing his fellow Kings so he can claim their stone fragments for himself.
    If the Black Flames shared by him and Supana are indeed the only way of permanently killing one of the Kings, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Supana eventually accepts his offer to become strong enough to do just that (And who knows? Maybe Lachesis would tag along in that little “alliance” since it would offer a way of permanently ending Gurion). And considering that the killer of Supana’s parents has now returned, stronger than ever before and (potentially) immortal, Gigist himself now has the perfect “new argument” to convince Supana to work with him to kill the other Kings…. A Supana-Gigist team-up would certainly be a good way to flesh out Gigist a bit more, especially considering that his end goal for after he obtains the complete Philosopher’s Stone hasn’t been revealed yet.

    1. Haha i didn’t know Lachesis have lots of fans!

      I agree about Gurion taking Germain’s body.

      Wonder if Houtarou will inherit black flames then. Especially since it is counter to his whole personality. And of course the rainbow powers he just got.

    1. Yeah, Gurion probably didn’t have the most pleasant experience inside Germain’s belly. Lol.

      I’m guessing the other two Kings aren’t gonna be too impressed by Gurion’s petty “Turn the World Into a Golden Statue” goal. They’re probably gonna have a Flat “What” reaction to that particular bit of information, or something equivalent to that. And Gigist will likely end up being ever more confident that Gurion would serve as the perfect “useful idiot” in persuading Supana to work with him and accept his guidance in mastering the Black Flames.

  2. MAN my ship spanner x lachesis is finally on sale😭😭😭 also the kamen rider girls names are hina koyomi and mai reference to OOO wizard and gaim

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