Saturday Sounds, June 22, 2024 – “Lunch-Box” by BLITZERS

Saturday Sounds, June 22, 2024 – “Lunch-Box” by BLITZERS

I was so excited when I first heard BLITZERS had auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. BLITZERS has of course been one of the many underrated groups in K-pop. They’ve released big dance tracks and emotional ballads. Filmed a music video in Pakistan and contributed to the OST of excellent BL series Sing My Crush. They’ve accomplished a lot already. But auditioning and making it into the television episode of Britain’s Got Talent is definitely a major accomplishment.

But then add in the group getting a standing ovation from all four judges, including the very picky Simon Cowell and then getting a yes from all of them to make into the semifinals. It’s a great feat that BLITZERS have worked hard for and an opportunity they definitely deserved.

Check out their two performances here:

Here’s also a video including their pre-performance intro as well:

After their well-received appearance on BGT, BLITZERS keeps the momentum up with the release of their latest album Lunch-Box.

Their title track “Superpower” is a great one for long-time fans of the group and any new fans that might have discovered the group through their BGT run.

BLITZERS give off a cool energy and carefree, though energetic vibe with their performance of this funky, saxophone-infused track.

The rest of the album includes the pop-rock “Race Up”, midtempo R&B track “Ring Ring”, slowjam “Fxxxin Spring” and English versions of “Superpower” and last year’s “Macarena”.

I am definitely rooting for BLITZERS and am so happy to see more and more people taking notice of them!

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