Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 4 – “You are the nicest forest I ever met.”

Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 4 – Team Work

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 4 Recap

Ollie is on the planet Levinna with some reinforcements looking for Zayto. Ollie hopes to lure in the other Rangers with Zayto. But Ollie’s crew is more concerned with dancing. Ollie tells them the faster they find Zayto, the sooner they can destroy Levinna.

They find Mick posing as a rock and attempt to take him into custody. But the Rangers arrive just in time.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 4 Recap

Ollie summons more Zentinels and then morphs into a Dark Mode. The Rangers surprise him with their new Cosmic powers. Ollie can’t believe she is Red. Amelia and Ollie battle as the others take care of the goons and Zentinels.

Ollie decides to retreat with his last remaining goon in Snoutia.

Mick fills the Rangers in on what he’s learned so far. He uses Zayto’s cape and retraces its flight path to lead them to an impact crater. They follow scraps of Zayto’s clothes into the woods, not knowing Ollie and Snoutia are following them.

Along the way, Aiyon gets slapped by a tree when he tries to pick a fruit. When Snoutia gets trapped by the forest vines after kicking it, Ollie gets an idea.

Mick wonders if the forest is somehow aware. Amelia tries to read a tree’s mind and realizes the forest is all connected into one mind. Aiyon confirms it. No wonder the forest attacked him when he tried to eat.

They ask the forest for info on Zayto and it tells them how it encased Zayto in a glowing tree when it sensed he was about to die. They kept him inside while he healed.

Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 4 – “You are the nicest forest I ever met.”

Ollie arrives and shoots at the Rangers. The forest traps the Rangers in vines.

Amelia and Aiyon talk to the forest and convince it that they are the good guys trying to help their friend Zayto. The forest releases them and they continue on.

When Ollie arrives in a Squidrill, Amelia tells Aiyon to keep going on the way to Zayto while they take care of Ollie. They morph and hop into their zords.

Aiyon finds the glowing tree and it spits Zayto out. Zayto regains consciousness, but Aiyon is worried that he cannot read his thoughts. Zayto says the Morphin Masters bringing him back probably changed things.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 4 Recap

Aiyon thanks the forest and the forest responds by telling Zayto to enjoy the time he has left. Aiyon asks what that means, but Zayto says it probably means to enjoy their remaining time on the planet.

Meanwhile, the Rangers destroy Ollie’s Squidrill and reunite with Zayto as they head back to base. Mick asks to borrow a zord to go home.

At the base, Zayto says red suits Amelia and compliments them all on how they look. Billy gives Zayto his own morpher and he is able to morph to Zenith which is what the Morphin Masters called him when they brought him back.

When the others give Zayto a tour of the base ship, Aiyon tells Amelia about his worries. He can’t mind-meld with Zayto, the forest’s warning. It is all weird. Amelia says it’s probably nothing.

Over on Eltar, Ollie arrives at the fortress and reports to Lord Zedd. Zedd says he sees great potential in Ollie, but he must stop thinking as a Ranger and more like an evil dark being.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 4 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I don’t know why it pains me the way Power Rangers has used some actual main villains from Sentai as like throw away Monsters of the Week. Like even me who does not enjoy Zyuohger at all was like “omg what are you doing to Naria?!” And Bangurei too!


Anyway, this felt like a bridge episode. Connecting the last episode to whatever is happening next. It certainly felt like a typical Power Rangers episode what with the goofy MOTWs and General Ollie failing.

Still, I think I like the Dark Ollie suit a lot better than the Cosmic Fury suits, to be honest. Looks much better and more natural than the foam costumes that are the Cosmic Fury suits.

Now that I’ve got the hang of how this season will play out, I guess I can set aside the awkwardness of how the narrative is playing out. And just take it as a looooong movie that I’m watching in chunks. Lol

They definitely feel meh and weird on their own. But would probably be better experienced in a binge. We’ll see with the next episodes. Anyway, this one was okay. A bit of an Ollie-focus which is good as he’s probably my second favorite character after Solon.

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