Music Monday, June 17, 2024 – E’LAST, Fantasy Boys, MCND

Music Monday, June 17, 2024 – E’LAST, Fantasy Boys, MCND
In the past month while traveling in the Philippines, I was able to check out some new title tracks, but not the rest of the albums they came from. Now that I’ve gotten a chance to listen to the rest of the songs on those albums, here are some of my favorite B-side tracks from the last couple of weeks!

Every Track on Everlasting by E’LAST

I have to start with E’LAST’s first full album Everlasting. “Gasoline” was a great title track. But the other nine tracks on the album are just as great as well. Not a skippable track among them. And really such a strong album from the talented, though underrated group. I highly recommend listening to the whole album.

“Feeling” by Fantasy Boys

Fantasy Boys’ recent release might be my favorite from them so far. Title track “Pitter-Patter-Love” is great and my favorite title from them, no question. And “Make Sunshine”, the second track of the album with the same name, is also really good. But the third track “Feeling” is amazing! Written and composed by member Hikaru, the moody midtempo track has such a great vibe. Not a track I would’ve expected from the group. But a style and sound I hope we can hear more of from them.

“Girl Friend” by MCND

In a similar way, “Girl Friend” by MCND is also a surprising track. MCND is known for their big, groovy dance tracks. But “Girl Friend” is quite a different vibe from them. A pop-R&B track, it is MCND like I don’t think I’ve experienced them before. And I love it so much! I’d love to hear more from them with this sound and style. Of course, alongside their perfected signature sound too.

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