Saturday Sounds, June 15, 2024 – Crossing Rain, DXTEEN, GHOST9, TWS

Saturday Sounds, June 15, 2024 – Crossing Rain, DXTEEN, GHOST9, TWS

Bright, fun tracks from Crossing Rain, DXTEEN, GHOST9, TWS

“Bestie Bop” by Crossing Rain

Hawaiian boy group Crossing Rain has been on a roll this year with some great releases. And they have another one with “Bestie Bop”. The pop-dance track is easily addictive. You’ll have no problem having the track on repeat for its bright and sweet vibes.

“Dance On Open World” by DXTEEN

I could’ve sworn I’ve written about Japanese boy group DXTEEN before, but I guess not. Now’s a good a time as ever as they recently released the catchy and energetic “Dance on Open World”. Like its title suggests, the song will have you grooving along in no time. Definitely will need to go back and listen and watch DXTEEN’s previous releases!

“Awesome Day” by GHOST9

It’s been a while since GHOST9’s last new release. But they gift fans with a special digital single in the self-composed “Awesome Day”. The pop track has a nice and funky sound that is perfect for the summer season. And its lyrics reflect the carefree vibes of the song. Hope GHOST9 can release more new music soon!

“hey! hey!” by TWS

TWS released a pre-release track for their upcoming first comeback. And “hey! hey!” is a great, youthful track that suits the rookie group. The refreshing rock-infused dance track compliments the lyrics expressing the collective hopes and dreams of a group of friends. Definitely raises anticipation for their comeback!

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