Thursday Tunes, June 13, 2024 – INFINITE, Han Seung Woo, TRENDZ

Thursday Tunes, June 13, 2024 – INFINITE, Han Seung Woo, TRENDZ

Excellent new music from INFINITE, Han Seung Woo and TRENDZ!

“Flower” by INFINITE

INFINITE celebrates their 14th anniversary…. WAIT WHAT? 14 years?!?! Am I that old? lol I was definitely a bit shocked when reading about INFINITE’s special digital single “Flower”. But yes, INFINITE has been gracing us with their always excellent performances for 14 years now. And “Flower” is definitely another one. The sweet track is a wonderful treat for fans of the talented group, especially as they express gratitude for the support and love they’ve received all these years.

“Blooming” by Han Seung Woo

Han Seung Woo is back with his latest album Scene. And the three tracks of the album are a great showcase for his diverse musical range as well as his growth as an artist. Pop-rock title track “Blooming” has a great carefree vibe. Seung Woo gives a passionate performance on “Lost”, expressing the longing for someone that has left without a farewell. “Stay”, meanwhile, is a beautifully emotional track about the comfort of home. Love this release from him!

“Glow” by TRENDZ

TRENDZ returns with their latest album Dreamlike. Title track “Glow” continues with the refreshing vibes of their last release “Go Up”. The groovy pop track is indeed a bright and positive track, perfect for the summer months.

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