Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 3 – “I am extremely confused.”

Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 3 – Off Grid

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 3 Recap

Billy thinks he can figure out a way for the Rangers to get their powers back. As he gets to work, Amelia asks Solon if they can use the antennas that Zayto used to send messages to Rafkon. Solon believes if they set the antennas up outside on the sand dunes, they might be able to contact Earth.

Aiyon is frustrated over their situation, but Amelia assures him that they’ve done all they could. She suggests he go cook something to calm his nerves.

Meanwhile, Javi is frustrated when he breaks his guitar strings while adjusting to his new arm. Billy tries comforting him by helping to fix it.

On the other side of the base, Fern is helping Izzy clean up a room Billy will use to sleep in. Fern finds a blueprint for turning the base into a spaceship and they think they can hang it up for decoration. Fern decides to give Izzy an Oakdale hoodie and they both agree that college can wait and what’s important is they are here together.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 3 Recap

Before Izzy and Fern can kiss, everyone rushes to the kitchen when a frustrated Aiyon bangs his pots and pans due to not having much supplies. Hearing Amelia talk about heading outside to install the antenna, Aiyon offers to join them so he can look for potential foods that he can use in his cooking. Fern offers to help too, but Izzy wants her to stay inside and stay safe.

As the others head outside, Fern joins Billy and Solon theorizing about how to use the Morphin Masters’ staff to harness Grid power. Billy thinks he can induce a link to the biofield using residual energy in the keys they have and the staff. Billy leaves for the engineering bay where Solon says he can find a molecular transducer.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 3 Recap

Outside, while Amelia, Izzy and Javi are setting up the antenna, Aiyon stumbles upon an egg while collecting fruits. One of the eggs hatches into a scuttleworm and attacks Aiyon before eating all of his harvested fruit.

The scuttleworm immediately grows. The Garcia Sibs hurry to finish the antenna while Aiyon and Amelia try to fight off the scuttleworm.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 3 Recap

After the antenna is finished, Javi runs over to use his new arm to knock the scuttleworm out. The Rangers hurry back inside the base and Solon is able to establish a connection to Earth.

They are able to access a Buzzblast broadcast where Jane and J-Borg are reporting on Earth being invaded by Lord Zedd. Solon then taps into a livestream from Coral Harbor where General Shaw assures everyone that Earth stands united against the incoming threat.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 3 Recap

Over in Osaka, Mama Akana is shocked when Ollie comes stumbling in. The mother and son hug and he says he was able to escape while the others were able to teleport away without him. That’s why he came here because he knows his mother would be able to help him reunite with his team.

Mama Akana is flattered and shows Ollie a message from Mick who says he may have found Zayto’s energy signature on a planet called Levvina. Ollie takes the computer and says this is perfect. If he can find Zayto first, the rest of the team will “follow like flies to rotten meat.”

Mama Akana is taken aback by his words. And Ollie reveals that he is still evil and will kill the rest of the Rangers.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 3 Recap

Back on Erridus, Amelia tries to comfort a still-frustrated Aiyon who worries about Zayto. Amelia says she misses Ollie too. But she holds on to the hope that they will be able to save him soon. She offers to help Aiyon as well and says he can talk to her whenever needs to. They are all stronger together than apart.

Izzy and Fern show Solon the spaceship blueprint they found. Solon says she loved designing things, but could never crack her spaceship idea.

Just then, the alarm sounds and the scuttleworm is approaching the base. They try to call Billy, but he is deep in the engineering bay, not answering their calls.

Amelia, Izzy, Javi and Aiyon head outside to battle the scuttleworm. But Aiyon has an idea. He teleports back to the base, leaving the others to take on the scuttleworm.

Turns out, Aiyon has gone to get his new stew that he came up with and uses it to lure the scuttleworm away from the base.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 3 Recap

Back on Earth, Squillia is having a dance party with some friends as Ollie arrives and reports to Lord Zedd. Ollie shows Mick’s message to Zedd who then summons Scrozzle. Scrozzle presents something special to Ollie who asks for a team to accompany him.

Zedd decides to leave Earth’s invasion in the hands of General Omwhyzo while he leaves to take care of another planet he’s always wanted to conquer.

Back at the base, Billy reappears having completed a way for the Rangers to regain their powers. He presents them with new morphers which immediately link to their comms and pop onto their wrists. Billy was able to use the molecular transducer to quantum lock the residual energy of their Dino Keys. That resulted in the Morphin Grid able to manifest orbs they will use to morph.

Recap: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, Episode 3 – “I am extremely confused.”

Amelia, Javi, Izzy and Aiyon place the orbs into their morphers and they morph into the Cosmic Rangers.

Amelia is confused why her suit is red. But they all say she deserves to be the leader of the team. She’s been leading them and looking out for them this whole time. Amelia is flattered.

But they suddenly receive a message from Mick who confirms Zayto is indeed on Levvina, but Zedd’s forces are on the planet as well. Billy says they can go and leave the rest to them back here on the base.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Episode 3 Recap

Episode Thoughts

This third episode was kind of a mix of the first two. A bit awkward. Though I like the idea of having this kind of continuing story. It’s not so much serialized like you might consider Operation Overdrive or RPM. But it really feels more like one long movie instead, broken up into 25 minute chunks.

I don’t know if that’s a good thing. But I guess it suits the idea of Netflix binging all these episodes at once. Which I know many fans did once these episodes were first released. I’m not doing that though and watching these episodes one by one. And this is my second day now watching Cosmic Fury. So at this rate, I’ll be watching two a day, probably.

Perhaps it would feel less awkward if I did binge this season all in one sitting as I can see how it would come across differently in that way. Again, this is not a traditional formula for Power Rangers. It’s something very different. But perhaps this is the way Power Rangers needs to be moving forward. I have no idea. And like I’ve said before, I kinda don’t really care.

But there’s still a lot of things I like and other things, not so much.

I will say though that scene of Zedd saying Squillia was flailing and not even in time was more hilarious than it should have been for me. lol I don’t know why I was so amused by it. But it was one of the more better-delivered moments of humor so far.

Elsewhere, many of the solutions to any of the problems they may have feel as deus ex machina as the Nexus Prism. And no, not things like Aiyon’s stew. But Javi’s arm being completed in a few minutes. Or Billy completing the entire new morphing system in an hour or two. Of course we suspend our disbelief with most of what Power Rangers does. But here, it becomes more obvious and WTF when alongside the attempts at something more serious and different.

Still, it was an alright episode. Episode two is still my favorite so far of the three.

But those suits though?! Yikes. I thought they would look better in the show than they did in the photos before. But nope, they’re still weird looking. They really look like costumes you’d find at Spirit during October. More foamy than spandex, you know? Oh well. I’ll also just ignore the details the show has recycled from Kyuranger. I’m just happy Power Rangers has not directly adapted one of my favorite seasons. lol

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