Saturday Sounds, October 25, 2022 – RoaD-B, DKZ, KISU and AB6IX

I’ve been so behind with new music, I definitely need this DryedMangoez Music Monday Presents Saturday Sounds today. lol Enjoy these tracks from RoaD-B, DKZ, KISU and AB6IX.

“Icarus” by RoaD-B

RoaD-B makes their first comeback with the excellent track “Icarus.” It is a bright, refreshing pop-dance track. The fast-paced and uptempo melody pairs well with the group’s charming performance. It’s also a nice contrast to their debut track “Nonstop” from earlier this year which also served as their re-debut track as well. That track was a more charismatic-type of performance that wonderfully harkened back to K-pop of a decade ago. But with “Icarus,” the group is able to showcase their versatility. And definitely makes you want to look out for more from the talented group.

Check out “Icarus” by RoaD-B on Amazon:

“Drive!” by KISU

KISU’s latest track “Drive!” has the perfect title. The singer-songwriter vibe makes this pop-rock track a perfect song to play on a sunny day drive. The lyrics, melody and KISU’s great performance are a great combination that results in a charming and easily enjoyable track.

Check out “Drive!” by KISU on Amazon:

“Uh-Heung” by DKZ

DONGKIZ, now DKZ, has always been a performance group. And their latest title track “Uh-Heung” might be the strongest showcase for that yet. Energy, charisma, power; this track definitely shows a different side from the talented group. And it is the most impactful release so far since the addition of new members and their rebirth as DKZ.

Check out “Uh-Heung” by DKZ on Amazon:

“Sugarcoat” by AB6IX

AB6IX’s “Sugarcoat” is a playful, flirtatious track that uses its pop-dance beat and addictive melody to unleash the talented group’s always attention-grabbing charms. For the rest of the album Take a Chance, I really like “Weightless” and “Complicated.”

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