Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 8, Episode 8 – “This is not ‘The Amazing Friends Canada.'”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 8, Episode 8 – “Give Me a Moustache and Call Me Sherlock Holmes”

For this 8th Leg, teams will hop on a train to Ottawa. Upon arrival in Ottawa, teams must hop into a 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV and drive themselves to the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau.

Franca & Nella have Catherine & Craig follow them straight to the museum. And once they get there, all teams will use the Expedia app to book tickets for the museum for tomorrow morning.

When teams head inside, they will have a board of 13 stamps, each missing their cost. They will search the Canadian Stamp Collection of over 3000 stamps in order to identify the cost of each stamp.

Catherine & Craig approach Franca & Nella into splitting the board up and work together, but Franella brush them off. Twice.

Franella move into first place with Jesse & Marika and Beverley & Veronica close behind. Catherine & Craig share their answers with Court & Ali. Brendan & Connor are now in last.

The next clue reveals the Road Block: Who wants to be put on the spot?
For this Road Block, teams will head to the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. They must search the museum for tickets by a de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver that will get them a ride on a vintage biplane. From the sky, teams must spot a 40-foot letter “M” which they must relay to the pilot in order to receive the next clue.

Nella goes up first, followed by Marika and Veronica. All three of them see the M and open the clue revealing a Face Off. Teams will use the GPS on their Chevy Bolt EUX to get them to Le Chateau Montebello in Montebello. And for this Face Off, teams will play croquet.

Craig gets emotional as Catherine flies into the sky, one of her dreams. Ali and Brendan are bringing up the rear.

After the leading teams get off the ferry across the Ottawa River, Franella end up going the wrong way. That allows Jesse & Marika and Beverley & Veronica as the first teams to Face Off.

While waiting, Catherine says she feels bad about Franella going the wrong way. But Craig says he doesn’t feel bad since the sisters didn’t help them with the stamps. Craig decides to confront them and asks what happened. Catherine & Craig are upset that they haven’t reached the finale yet and Franella aren’t holding up their end of the Final Three deal. Franella say this is a competition and they’re here to win.

Jesse & Marika win the Face Off and must now search Montebello to interview six witnesses about a murder in town. All witness statements are in French and when they figure out the culprit (the last person at the scene of the crime), they will get the next clue.

Beverley & Veronica win the Face Off against Catherine & Craig. As do Franca & Nella. Catherine & Craig win against Court & Ali who win against Brendan & Connor. The brothers have to serve out a 15-minute penalty.

In town, Jesse uses his French skills while Beverley & Veronica ask some locals to help them translate. Both teams correctly say the Chef is the culprit.

It’s a footrace to Manoir Papineau, the Pit Stop for this Leg. Jesse & Marika come out on top and win a trip to Istanbul, Turkey and a $2000 Marshalls gift card. Beverley & Veronica are Team #2. Franca & Nella are Team #3 and Catherine & Craig are Team #4.

It’s a close finish. But Court & Ali take 5th. That means Brendan & Connor are last. But this is a Non-Elimination Leg.

Episode (and Team!) Thoughts

Ooohoohoo! So delicious. Lol

The Leg itself was meh. But seeing the alliance crumble in such a delicious fashion was so much fun! LOL I wish we got to see bitter breakups on TAR32 and TARAu5 too. Those would’ve been even more amazing to watch.

But anyway, it was really hilarious to see it all this episode. lol at Franella so nonchalantly brushing Catherine & Craig off at the stamps. And then their “Sorry not sorry” later when Catherine & Craig, maybe rightly, felt betrayed.

This is exactly why you don’t put all your eggs in the alliance basket. You just never know when your “friends” will screw you over. They all survived this Leg, but you never know when the one moment your alliance-mates not give you the critical bit of information is when you get eliminated. (Shoutout to the Wondertwins on TAR3! Lol)

Since we’re already talking about the teams, let’s continue. I can’t blame Catherine & Craig for being upset. They were all so invested in their Final Three alliance. So when Franella just brushed them off exactly like they brushed off non-alliance-mates Beverley & Veronica that one time, I think they have a right to at the very least be annoyed, if not upset.

But again, that’s the downside to the alliance. With Franca & Nella, on one hand I’m all YAY! Finally you’ve snapped out of it! On the other hand, again, they’re kind of shady just turning their back on their alliance like that. It can come across as selfish since now they don’t need any help, they abruptly cut the ties.

It was certainly a fun moment seeing Beverley & Veronica beat them at the Face Off though. lol And it was great to see them finishing so high over the sisters.

I think I mentioned how Jesse & Marika are probably the team to beat. They’re really peaking at the right time. And as long as they keep up the momentum, they’ll have a good chance to win.

Court & Ali are alright. They’ve been holding on. And really, it only takes one mistake from another team and Court & Ali will be able to take advantage.

Surprised to see Brendan & Connor in last. But the Leg didn’t really offer any opportunity for them to move up after falling behind on the first task. Lucky for them this was a Non-Elim.

Speaking of, why did they do a Double Elimination then? Why not just forego this Non-Elimination and have eliminations every Leg instead? Then again, this was such a poor, linear Leg, that it makes sense to be a Non-Elim.

The tasks themselves were okay. Put together, kind of bland. But the stamps task was good. I was worried about teams just giving each other answers. But thanks to Franella, that didn’t happen lolol

The Road Block was also okay. Definitely seen on TAR before. But as a processional task, it doesn’t give an opportunity for placement shuffling.

Big MEH to the Face Off. Another sports Face Off for TARC. I think we’re past the need for Face Offs. Unless they’re HaMerotz-style randomness and have no effect on placements, then no more Face Offs I think.

And why the Marshalls gift card values go up and down from Leg to Leg. Should be increasing with each Leg. Not up to $2500 down to $1500, etc. Weird!

Overall, this was a meh Leg. But the episode itself was fun just to watch the alliance crumble. Not huge drama. But good enough for TAR Canada standards. And hopefully it means no more alliance shenanigans on TARC8.

After TARAu’s premiere episode, this TARC episode felt very bland by comparison though. But oh well.

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