Good Ol’ Review: Lighthearted, Sincere “Let Me Be Your Knight” an Enjoyable Series

Let Me Be Your Knight

No spoilers.

SBS’ Let Me Be Your Knight (너의 밤이 되어줄게) is a lighthearted, but sincere story looking at connections, bonds and relationships with the always interesting world of K-pop as the backdrop. The always charming Jung In Sun is accompanied by the talented young men that bring to life the fictional band Luna. And together they make for a series that is easily enjoyable and unexpectedly satisfying.

In Yoon Joo (Jung In Sun) works as a tour guide with the hopes of being able to buy her childhood home. But when she is unwittingly scammed, she ends up pretending to be her estranged twin sister, a famous Korean-American psychiatrist, in order to help Yoon Tae In (Lee Jun Young) cure his sleep walking. Tae In is the leader of popular boy band Luna and Yoon Joo, now Dr. Kang, must move in to the boys’ mansion in order to help with a focused, round-the-clock treatment.

Yoon Joo must juggle her fake persona while genuinely try to help Tae In as well as the other members of Luna with their own personal problems and the everyday trials of being popular pop stars.

Let Me Be Your Knight is an apt title for the series. Though a touch of romance and a peek at the behind the scenes drama of the K-pop industry may be the initial attraction, the series is at its best when it focuses on the friendships and connections between the well-developed characters. Like the title suggests, the series presents different examples of how people can be there for one another as a “knight.” Whether it is being generous to the grandma selling vegetables on the sidewalk or helping a pop star with their personal issues; the series shows how even the smallest things you can do for other people can make a big difference.

Let Me Be Your Knight

The series starts off with a familiar Korean drama set-up. But when it settles into its groove, it is able to do a great job at giving a deeper look at each of our main characters and the bonds they have with each other. Sometimes it’s bonds that are starting to be formed. Other times it’s bonds that were once strong, but now must be repaired.

The various relationships depicted in the series take center stage most of the way through. And that helps separate it from other recent series that have the K-pop and idol industry as their backdrop.

And when it comes to the industry, the series touches upon several of the major real-life issues that tend to pop up in the online tabloids: tension within the group, secret dating, mishandled careers, bullying allegations, pressure from selfish people around them and the obsessive fans. The series does a solid job with each theme and presents them not in a fairy tale kind of way, but in a realistic and relatable way. That again helps the already well-developed characters make an impact.

The cast certainly helps to make that happen. Jung In Sun is always charming and endearing in her many lead roles over the years. Whether as a romantic lead or even as a crime fighting action hero, she always manages to have her characters be relatable and someone you can root for. That’s definitely the case here where she must do double duty as Yoon Joo and her twin sister Dr. Kang.

Let Me Be Your Knight

Lee Jun Young, meanwhile, recently starred in another idol-themed drama series Imitation. And his role here as Tae In is similar in that both characters are prickly, but vulnerable. Lee Jun Young is able to balance the charisma of being the frontman of a popular idol band and the more vulnerable and broken young man behind the camera.

The guys that make up the rest of Luna also do their part to make each of their characters distinct and impactful. Actor Jang Dong Joo, NU’EST’s JR/Kim Jong Hyun, former Wanna One member and now soloist Yoon Ji Sung and AB6IX’s Kim Dong Hyun all make their presence felt right from the start. And unlike the inter-group tension depicted in the series and in the real-life tabloids, the four of them and Lee Jun Young never outshine each other. The chemistry the five guys have actually adds to the story and allows for each to support the other when it’s their turn in the spotlight.

Of course, as a drama series centered around K-pop, you’re going to need some good original music. And the series’ soundtrack definitely delivers on that front as well.

Let Me Be Your Knight

Let Me Be Your Knight might not be a groundbreaking series. But it knows what it is and wants to be and does it well. The charming and endearing cast help bring to life well-developed characters who in turn make all the stories that are told in the series feel relatable and accessible. All of that comes together for what is a fun and ultimately satisfying and enjoyable series.

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