Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 21 – “No one wants to put the ones they love in danger.” + Check-In Review

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 21 – Void Trap

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

The Rangers wonder why Void Knight would have taken Dr. Akana’s devices. But he won’t be able to use them anyway without the capacitor which Mama Akana took home to fix. They decide they want to lure Void Knight out into the open by using a sabotaged capacitor as bait. Ollie does not want to put his mother in danger, but the others pressure him to think about what’s at stake here. Zayto convinces Ollie to have them ask Dr. Akana if she would be willing.

Void Knight knows he needs the capacitor and orders Mucus, Slyther, Reaghoul and Boomtower to find the doctor and take it. Void Knight heads into his secret room and assures his dear Santaura that their reunion is near.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

The Rangers, morphed, bring Dr. Akana down to the command chamber and fill her in on the situation. They tell her that they want to foil Void Knight’s plan, but that would mean she comes face to face with the Sporix Beats. Ollie, trying to disguise his voice, says that he’s sure Dr. Akana’s “wonderful and smart son” would protest.

Dr. Akana sets aside how much the Blue Ranger sounds just like Ollie and says this is not her first rodeo against the Sporix and is ready to go.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

They head downtown. The Rangers are watching from a safe distance as Dr. Akana walks into the plaza to lure Void Knight and Friends out. Once they appear, Void Knight takes her bag with the capacitor and leaves the doctor to his goons.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Mucus and Slyther grab Dr. Akana and Reaghoul puts Sleepy Cuffs on her. But Reaghoul then opens up a portal into the Dark Dimension below them and Dr. Akana, Mucus and Slyther fall in. Reaghoul hops in too.

Ollie blames Zayto, but he says he will save her. He morphs and has Solon send in the T-Rex Cosmic Megazord to open a cosmic gateway for him to jump through.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

The five remaining Rangers hop down, morph and face Boomtower who first summons some Hengemen. The Rangers refuse to lose to Boomtower and combining their Fury Attacks, they are able to destroy him a third time.

Void Knight returns and Sleepy Cuffs everyone except Ollie who is able to leap out of the way. Void Knight takes the four Rangers and leaves.

Meanwhile, Zayto faces off against Reaghoul in the vortex. Once he destroys him, he finds Dr. Akana and takes her back to the Megazord. Mucus and Slyther ask for help, but Zayto ignores them. “Okay… rude!”

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Void Knight heads to Dinohenge where he has brought his devices and Santaura’s pod to combine with Dr. Akana’s technology. The four Rangers are hooked up to the device.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Ollie thinks about what he should do. But Zayto and his mother arrive just in time. Ollie hugs his mother, but plays it off to keep from revealing his identity.

Void Knight activates the machines and opens up the Morphin Grid. The four Rangers act as vessels for the Morphin Grid’s power to feed into the device. Zayto believes the amount of power flowing through them could kill them.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Blowing up the capacitor would immediately kill everyone. So Zayto suggests Ollie break the circuit and remove the capacitor to shut down the machine. Zayto will keep Void Knight busy while Ollie does his thing. Ollie tells his mother to stay safe.

But as soon as Zayto faces Void Knight, he gets cuffed and falls asleep as well. Void Knight hooks him up to the device.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Dr. Akana offers to help, but Ollie again says it is too dangerous for her. Dr. Akana reminds him that if they don’t do something, everyone will die. Ollie gets an idea that since the Morphin Grid is connected to the dino statues, he just needs to destroy the statues and the whole thing can shut down.

Dr. Akana says that should work. She offers to distract Void Knight, but Ollie again says that it is too dangerous. Mama Akana appreciates his concern, but this is her decision. Ollie says everyone’s been telling him that and realizes that everyone has a point.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Mama Akana says she has a plan. Just let her go ahead and he will know when to jump in.

Mama Akana runs over and whacks Void Knight in the back of the head with a tree branch. Void Knight tosses her aside, but she lands right where Zayto’s Dino Dagger fell earlier. Before Void Knight can kill her, she grabs the Dagger and hurls it at the top of the pod machine.

Void Knight climbs up to try and fix the damage. But that gives Ollie the opportunity to swoop in and destroy the statues.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

All the statues explode and the device shuts down. The Rangers are released from the device, but demorph. Ollie realizes they have lost their connection to the Morphin Grid and he too demorphs. Mama Akana is shocked to learn the Rangers’ identities.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Void Knight is seething with rage. But so is Mama Akana who threatens to kill Void Knight if he tries to hurt her son again. Ollie tells his mother to get to safety.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

The Rangers summon their Sabers and charge forward as Void Knight summons Hengemen. The battle ensues, but the Rangers know they cannot keep this up for too long without the ability to morph.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Izzy decides to slash at the device’s pipes to lure Void Knight away. Right on cue, he zooms to his device and knocks Izzy off. She calls over to Aiyon who shoots the capacitor. The Rangers run away as the device explodes, Void Knight and Santaura seemingly included.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Zayto declares that “it is done.” Zayto tosses Void Knight’s sword aside as they celebrate.

Ollie runs over to his mother who says she is so proud of him. The Rangers thank Dr. Akana for her help.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Solon also pops in to commend the Rangers for a job well done. Dr. Akana is excited to speak with her about everything.

Ollie apologizes to Zayto for snapping at him earlier and says he was right about Mama Akana being willing and able to help them. He also apologizes for cutting their connection to the Morphin Grid, but the others say that he did what he had to do.

The Rangers wonder whether or not they’re still Rangers. Regardless, they all vow to continue fighting as there are still Sporix Beasts out there.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Suddenly, the Morphin Grid opens and a Morphin Master appears. She fixes the statues saying their mission is far from over.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Zayto wants to ask the Morphin Master about Rafkon, but she leaves without saying a word.

Solon gets an alert about a Sporix Beast hatching downtown. With their connection reestablished to the Morphin Grid, the Rangers morph and hurry over to continue their duties.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Meanwhile, Santaura’s pod has found itself back at Area 62 with Void Knight’s damaged helmet lying on the floor next to it.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 21 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Wow! So being Ollie-biased, I thought this was an amazing episode! lol Not only that, but it was practically an Akana-focus episode. And Dr. Akana is just as badass as her son. The only thing that could’ve made this episode even better would’ve been Solon jumping into fight as well. If that happened, I would have no problem declaring this the best post-Disney episode of Power Rangers evah! lol

And honestly, I might even consider this one of the best Power Rangers finales, period. Highkey! lol

I might be exaggerating a little bit, but this episode is certainly atypical of Saban Brands/Hasbro Era Power Rangers. Especially as a finale.

Now, my biggest issue is still the lack of true build up to the finale because of the show’s insistence on avoiding serialized story. That’s been the case for every other finale in the last ten years. And for a few of the finales (both midseason and season finales), I might have liked the episodes on their own, but still feel they were hollow and unearned. Just because I enjoy a finale’s explosions and fight scenes doesn’t mean I think it’s actually a good episode.

There’s still a little bit of that here. But again, the episode being Akana-focused really helped to get me more excited than I otherwise would have been.

First, Ollie protesting about putting his mother in danger was a great plot for any episode. And it did a good job to make the reveal of the Rangers’ identity land very well. Though I do like the trope sometimes seen on Sentai or Power Rangers about loved ones actually knowing the Rangers’ true identities all along.

Like in a “Of course I would know my own son”-kind of way.

Still, I think the episode did a great job to tell the story of Ollie’s worry and Dr. Akana getting the opportunity to be a total badass as well.

Speaking of, I was very excited to see the unmorphed fight. When they lost their connection to the Morphin Grid, I thought to myself “They better remain unmorphed here!” And thankfully, they did. It was a great scene. And unlike many modern Power Rangers fight sequences, this one was exciting and dynamic. None of this slow, overly-choreographed stuff we’ve seen the last couple of years.

With Void Knight, I feel like not enough weight was put on the fact that the Rangers thwarted his plan to revive the love of his life. Thus essentially killing Santaura themselves. Like, I know they would never go into deeper detail about that point. But just imagine the possibilities for what they could’ve done. That would be a very heavy story to tell. Much too heavy and dark for Power Rangers of course.

But definitely not surprised that Santaura survives. And Void Knight probably survives as well. I mean, why wouldn’t he. Especially when the Rangers made the mistake of just tossing his sword aside. Reminds me of many recent seasons with Rangers celebrating a victory without making 100% sure that the villains have been destroyed. But of course, so goes the midseason finale format of the modern era.

I would love to see Santaura actually turn out to be the Big Bad in the second half of the season. She could put on Void Knight’s helmet of course. Probably a plot point Dino Fury will borrow from Ryusoulger.

(Dino Fury did a good job using one of Ryusoulger‘s best fight sequences too.)

And like I mentioned earlier this season, I never knew of the Morphin Masters until they popped up here. And if I am to judge based on what we’ve seen on Dino Fury, they’re essentially just a deus ex machina in the same vein as the Nexus Prism. Okay. Any easy reason to get the Rangers their powers back in this standalone, non-serialized format.

Imagine taking the first few episodes of the second half of the season and having the Rangers go on a quest to find a way to regain their powers. That would’ve been very exciting and fun to watch. And definitely different and refreshing. Plus, a much better cliffhanger too.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this episode. It was a fun, exciting episode. Something I definitely cannot say for most modern Power Rangers episodes. And even more so for “finale” episodes too. This episode, on its own, is probably the closest the modern era of the franchise has come to being in the same league as either Saban or Disney Era Power Rangers.

Mini Check-In Review

As for the first half of Dino Fury as a whole, no question it is a step up from Beast Morphers. It has done a lot of things right. But it still has much of the Saban Brands/Hasbro hallmarks that keep Power Rangers back in the 1990s-style of children’s programming. I’ve given up hope that they will move on from that. But at the very least, I appreciate seeing some positive things this half-season that actually had me enjoying the show for the first time in a long time.

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