Music Monday, October 18, 2021 – Powerful Tracks from ENHYPEN, NIK, WOODZ, The Wild Idol

Four powerful performances from ENHYPEN, NIK, WOODZ and contestants of Wild Idol.

“Tamed-Dashed” by ENHYPEN

“Tamed-Dashed” is definitely my favorite title track from ENHYPEN yet. Just the energy emanating from it really gets you in the mood. Maybe it’s group’s always powerful performance. Maybe it’s the high-voltage synthesizer in the chorus with the thumping garage bass throughout the song. Maybe it’s the message expressed in the song deciding whether to be tamed by desire or not.

Whatever it is, I think if I wasn’t sure before, this is the track that truly solidifies ENHYPEN’s spot amongst the new generation of K-pop artists. Just an epic, irresistible, repeat-worthy track.

And needless to say, the rest of the album (like their first two releases) has even more gems. My second favorite track is “Upper Side Dreamin’.”

“Universe” by NIK

NIK made waves with their official Korean debut. And alongside their great “Santa Monica” title track was the B-side “Universe.” If “Santa Monica” was a laid-back vibe, “Universe” is a rousing and energetic dance track. Definitely the perfect track to showcase NIK’s performance skills. This has been a great debut for them and it’s exciting to await what the future holds.

“Chaser” by WOODZ

Finally getting a chance to listen to WOODZ’s latest album Only Lovers Left, I am in awe. The album is such an excellent showcase for WOODZ’s talent, style and sound. His maturity shines in the passionate and expressive album. My favorite track from the album is definitely “Chaser.” The rock-infused retro vibe of the track is absolutely amazing. And WOODZ’s vocals perfectly convey the rising tension of the song’s lyrics.

“Born to Be Wild” by The Wild Idol contestants

I have not been following the latest survival program Extreme Debut: Wild Idol, even though there are a few guys from groups I’m a fan of including VAV’s Ayno. But their first title song definitely caught my attention. The pop-dance track is a nice, atmospheric song expressing the youthful energy of the aspiring (and already debuted) idols. The way the song’s soft verses gradually build up to the catchy and grand chorus is very appealing.

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