Music Monday, October 4, 2021 (Part 2) – BJOO, Na Ungjae, Kim Feel, Key

These tracks from four talented soloists will leave you speechless! Featuring BJOO, Na Ungjae, Kim Feel, Key.

“Backpacker” by BJOO

Former Topp Dogg member BJOO makes his solo debut with the title track “Backpacker.” The track blends together acoustic verses with an electronic drop for its chorus. The melody and the meaningful lyrics make for an endearing and nostalgic vibe with BJOO singing about embarking on a new path without fears. A great song. And I am very excited to listen to the rest of the EP.

“Drama” by Na Ungjae

Na Ungjae launched The Faker Club with former BIGSTAR member Raehwan and designer Sulju earlier this year. And out of that collaborative effort, Raehwan as from20 has released some excellent music this year. Now it’s Ungjae’s turn as he releases his first solo track “Drama” ahead of his upcoming debut EP. “Drama” is an emotional guitar-driven track about a bittersweet heartbreak that he hopes has an open ending. The dreamy music video, directed by from20, perfectly embodies the melodic track. I’m definitely excited for the EP.

“Like When We First Met” by Kim Feel

Kim Feel has released some great tracks for several dramas in the last few years. But the singer-songwriter returns for his first non-OST single in two years. The stripped-down melody of “Like When We First Met” has Kim Feel singing about always being by someone’s side in support. Written and composed with Lim Heon Il, it is a beautifully comforting song that is brought to life with Kim Feel’s soft, smooth vocals and passionate performance.

“Bad Love” by Key

Key makes his long-awaited solo comeback with the soaring, anthemic “Bad Love.” Retro vibes, layered synths and a journey of a melody accentuate Key’s passionate vocal performance that sees him effortlessly showcasing his range. It’s the kind of song you would have to experience being performed in an arena or stadium at least once in your life. And Key’s charisma and skills would undoubtedly make it a memorable experience. As it already is, just from watching the epic music video that is a truly a visual feast.

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