Music Monday, September 27, 2021 – NIK, Do Han Se, Jeongmin, Woosung

An energetic group debut and three excellent solo releases! Here’s four great tracks from NIK, Do Han Se, Jeongmin and Woosung.

“Santa Monica” by NIK

NIK officially makes their debut in Korea with “Santa Monica.” The Korean-Japanese group was formed from the competition program G-Egg and includes B.I.G’s (and Triple Seven’s) Gunmin as leader along with former members of K-pop groups LC9, BLK, LUCENTE, Produce 101 alums and Japanese rookies.

“Santa Monica” was one of the tracks performed by the contestants, who were divided into groups, during the competition. And this official debut has all 11 final members performing this great, energetic dance track.

“Take Over” by Do Han Se

VICTON’s Do Han Se offers up a present for fans old and new on his birthday with his solo debut album “Blaze.”

Hanse is known for being able to effortlessly spit bars with a strong, powerful and maybe sometimes even intimidating image. That’s even as he’s probably one of the funniest and most playful members of VICTON. “Take Over” certainly mixes those two sides of him in an attention-grabbing song and music video. Confident is an understatement as Hanse eschews putting himself in a box and steps out in an assertive and forceful performance.

The rest of “Blaze” showcases his versatility in a way that one might not be able to do while in a group setting. Hanse shows off his softer side with the sing-rap melodies in “Diamonds” and Slash.” He sprinkles some rock-infused vibes with the rousing “Public Enemy” and the passionate “Ride or Die” (my favorite of the album). The album wraps up with the laid back “Fragrance.” And with all the B-side tracks, Hanse is joined by talented guest artists.

A really amazing album. And for the record, I love Hanse’s original track “Hallelujah” which he released in 2019.

“Dun” by Jeongmin

Lee Jeongmin is back with the perfect vibe of a song for this transition into the autumn months. “Dun” is a bittersweet track with lyrics reminiscing on a lost love. And Jeongmin’s silky vocals, as always, delivers the stirring emotions. Another great release from him.

“Dimples” by Woosung

Also delivering once again is Woosung with his latest “Dimples.” The synth-pop retro vibe is perfectly depicted in the aesthetic music video. And when paired with Woosung’s dreamy vocals, the song about a love so sweet it’s bad definitely gets you in the mood. So good!

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