Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 4 – Not Enough Love! A Dangerous Devil is Born!

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Daiji continues to try and convince Ikki to officially sign a Fenix contract. But Ikki says he doesn’t have to and will come running if they ever need him to fight off Deadmans. Daiji says this isn’t just some side gig. If Ikki had arrived earlier, Sakura wouldn’t have been kidnapped.

Ikki says he has no right to take on protecting the world when he can’t even protect his family. He’s having trouble keeping the bathhouse open without mom around.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Daiji says protecting the world will eventually lead to protecting their family as well. Frustrated, Daiji gives Ikki the Driver case and says Ikki will have to find the Deadmans himself. “I won’t be your errand boy!” Daiji leaves to find the Kong Vistamp before it puts more people in danger.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

“Unlike someone, saving people isn’t just my side gig.”

Meanwhile, Sakura heads over to check on Ayaka who she hasn’t been able to reach. But Ayaka’s mother thought she was staying with her.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Aguilera demands Julio and Olteca quickly find the six sacrifices they need to resurrect her hubby. But Olteca points out that not everyone has the potential to become Giftex sacrifices like he and Julio since everyone’s Vistamp is different. Only when a human merges with their Deadman via contract will they become eligible for sacrifice. Aguilera wonders if the girl they have with them now has that kind of resolve.

Later that evening, Sakura is finally able to contact Ayaka who apologizes for having to become involved with her issues. Sakura is just happy she’s alright. Ayaka says she just didn’t want to see her mother today, but perhaps she’ll attend Miharu’s concert tomorrow. Sakura says that’s a great idea and hopefully Ayaka can make up with her mother.

But it turns out Ayaka is the potential sacrifice who is with Aguilera and Co. right now.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Over at Fenix, Daiji visits George as he’s working out. George says in order for Daiji to be able to wield the Driver and Stamp, he’s going to have to update himself first.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Next day, Ikki accompanies Sakura to Miharu’s concert. Sakura teases Ikki that aside from him being her bodyguard, he’ll get a chance to see his first love Ayaka. Ikki says she is just a childhood friend. Anyway, he’s got some bento made with love for Sakura who actually refuses it.

Vice wants some of the food as well as some love from Ikki, but Ikki refuses that himself.

Ayaka arrives and approaches her mother. She asks why her mother never answered the phone when she was kidnapped. Mama Oketani says she never expected it to be that important. Anyway, there are times Ayaka never answers her phone either.

Mama Oketani rushes over to Miharu’s side when she gets off the stage. This brings up bad memories for Ayaka of all the times her mother has ignored her in favor of her sister. Ayaka activates the Kong Stamp and releases her demon, begging her mother to look at her. But Mama Oketani instead calls her a monster.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Daiji and Fenix forces arrive. Ikki steps in. And after agreeing to give Vice some love, they henshin.

Ikki gives Vice some love by way of a pat on the hand and they take on Kong Deadman as well as a slew of just arrived Juniors.

Aguilera pops in and gets in Ayaka’s ear about accepting the advanced contract. She tries to entice Ayaka by telling her to leave her horrible mother and become Gifu-sama’s child instead.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Ayaka nods and walks over to the Deadman. Sakura calls over to her brother, but it’s too late. Ayaka stamps the contract with her Deadman to become a full-on demon who vows to make her mother suffer. Ayaka declares herself a child of Gifu-sama. Aguilera says that now Ayaka’s sold her soul to a demon, there’s no turning back.

Ayaka knocks Miharu out and tells Ikki that not all families are happy ones. Ayaka takes her sister and leaves. Mama Oketani cries over Miharu.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Outside, Daiji confronts Ikki and asks if protecting the bathhouse is still more important than saving the world. Daiji tells Ikki to stop being the happy-go-lucky hero all the time.

Ikki says he just wanted to help. “Who asked you to?!” Daiji snaps back. “There you go making others your excuse again. You’re not overprotective. You’re just nosy!” Ikki is taken aback by his brother’s anger.

Daiji says Ikki thinks he understands people, but he does not. Ikki says fine. If Daiji feels that way, then he should henshin. Ikki says he doesn’t understand where Daiji’s anger is coming from, but Daiji cannot blame him for being unable to henshin.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Daiji says this just proves everything he’s just said. He walks away. Vice says Daiji seems to need a bit more love.

Ikki visits his mother at the hospital. She sees something is bothering him and knows it is about Daiji. Ikki says he never understands what Daiji’s thinking. He knows Daiji is always on edge because he worries about everything and that causes him to freeze up when it counts.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Mama Igarashi says Daiji is just a soft boy who is afraid of hurting others as well as himself. He’s still trying to find himself in his own way.

Mama Igarashi says Ikki needs to learn to be more empathetic.

“When you rush ahead without thinking, people can get hurt in the shadow you leave behind.”

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Ikki heads out to his bike to find Daiji has left him a new Vistamp.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Daiji is with his mother and she tells him that next time, he can tell Ikki all those things himself. Daiji thanks her for her help.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Later that evening, Vice comments that Ikki staring at a photo of him and Daiji on the day he graduated from the academy is creeping him out. But Ikki admits that Vice was right about not giving enough love.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Next day, Ayaka has Miharu on a rooftop and threatens to drop her to her death. Daiji leads a team in a standoff against her. Just then, Ikki arrives and has Mama Oketani with him.

Ikki approached her earlier today to clue her in to her neglect of Ayaka. As long as Mama Oketani is sincere, she can still make up with her daughter.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Ayaka remembers her school days with Ikki and laughs. She lets go of Miharu and charges toward Ikki who quickly henshins. He tries to hold her back as Mama Oketani apologizes to her for all she’s done wrong. Mama Oketani says no matter what and or how she looks like, Ayaka will still be her beloved daughter whom she loves.

Ayaka cries hearing those words. But she suddenly falls to her knees and begins to cry blood. A huge burst of energy surges out of Ayaka. It causes part of the rooftop to collapse and Miharu begins to fall.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Ikki uses the new Ptera Stamp and flies down to grab her. Daiji runs over just in time to see Vice, having turned into a hovercraft, catch Ikki and Miharu and bring them back to the roof.

“You had me sweating a little there!”

Ikki is surprised, but happy to hear him say that.

“I’m sorry, but this is the only way I know how to do things.”
“I know.”

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Ikki finally agrees to do this “Kamen Rider thing.” Daiji relays what George told him earlier about how to separate a phase-two Deadman. And that is through a classic Rider Kick.

Ikki and Vice chase after Ayaka and do just that. With a Stamping Finish Rider Kick, they are able to separate Ayaka from the demon which gets destroyed. Vice is excited to see Ayaka in Ikki’s arms.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Later, Ikki officially signs and stamps the Fenix contract. Daiji gives him the case and Ikki notices a new phone inside. He turns it over and Vice waves hello at him.

Ikki hurriedly puts the phone back down and stops Daiji from taking a look at it himself.

Ikki realizes he forgot all about the eviction notice, but Daiji says he’ll ask Fenix to take care of it.

With all that settled, Ikki invites Daiji to join him for a hot bath.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 4 Recap

Vice enjoys seeing that all’s well that ends well. But he notices Ikki disappearing from that photo of him and Daiji. He laughs.

Episode Thoughts

Another week, another opportunity to be excited about Kamen Rider again. Thank you Revice!

Lots of things happening in this week’s episode. First, a bit of exposition from the Deadmans about how the next arc will go with the phase-two Deadman contracts and being sacrifice-eligible.

The MOTW story was typical, but I think a good and familiar story to help illustrate that expository information.

Then we learn George is apparently a big Kamen Rider fan. At least, he has a lot of Kamen Rider collectables in his office. lol

But again, my focus was on the Igarashi fam. The family dynamic can yield some wonderful story. And Revice has already shown that in just four episodes. Makes me very excited for the next ~46.

One very interesting moment was Ayaka pointing out that not all families are happy ones. That’s a very good point and it’s really a contrast I did not expect to see pointed out in this way. Usually we just see dysfunctional families on the shows, whether it’s good-turned-evil stories or something like that.

But that too helped to illustrate the main conflict between Ikki and Daiji.

The episode seemed to resolve Daiji’s insecurities about Ikki which ended up not being about his brother at all. It was more about still growing up and finding himself and his confidence. Actually, this ordeal seems to have just reinforced how much Daiji looks up to his brother and cares about him. But that’s not without acknowledging Ikki’s faults. He doesn’t put his brother on a pedestal, even if he acknowledges Ikki is a special guy. He wouldn’t have been able to become Revice if he wasn’t.

So while it might seem this is the end of this part of Daiji’s journey, I think it’s only the beginning. The show threw in a red herring with trying to parallel the Oketani sisters story with Ikki and Daiji’s story. But I think they’re a bit different.

Maybe there’s a bit of insecurity on Daiji’s part. But it’s only a small fraction of the bigger picture. Asking Mama Igarashi to help him get through to Ikki is actually a more interesting angle than Daiji being jealous or feeling neglected. We have to remember, Daiji might be an elite Fenix officer. But he’s also still a younger brother. And so he’s still got some growing up to do. Which is what I expect to see on his road to getting his own Driver in the future.

Daiji’s moment with his mother was sweet. And that’s when it was clearer what Daiji was feeling all along.

The episode did a big part in peeling back a layer from Ikki as well. We have no doubt he is a good guy. Daiji mentioned how Ikki is happy-go-lucky, almost to his detriment sometimes. And to have that be pointed out as a bit of a flaw, specifically, is definitely different from many other title heroes across Kamen Rider and Sentai. The idea that Ikki might need to be more empathetic and sincere, despite him being a nice guy, is a refreshing character trait. Ikki wanting to help Daiji or Ikki making Sakura a lunch basket. Both nice gestures and he obviously cares for his siblings. But along with it, perhaps there’s a lack of sincerity.

Just like Ikki’s focus on protecting the bathhouse, maybe there’s a little bit of habit involved. He rushes forward because he’s so used to it all. And Daiji, with his mother’s help, tried to remind Ikki to take a step back, breathe and remember why he does things. Why he wants to do nice things for his siblings. Why he wants to protect their bathhouse. It’s not just because he has to.

Well anyway, enough of that overanalysis. The final scene with the disappearing Ikki. What’s that about?! lol

Overall, another great episode of Revice. I’m just enjoying everything about it so far.

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  1. An interesting development that perhaps you overlooked in your excitement is that Julio and Olteca used to be normal humans before completely fusing with their demons to become sacrifices for Gifu. The reveal came far earlier than the Megido3 and that actually works. It’ll be interesting to see their backstories and how they gave into their inner demons. And I have full faith that with a season significantly less cluttered than Saber, this development will be capitalized on.

    1. Oh! Yes I did overlook that. That whole exposition part of the episode is kinda fuzzy now since I was definitely more excited by the Igarashi family drama haha. But yeah, I definitely agree that it’s a good development to have this early. And I hope they do give them some good material as well.

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