Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 3 – Hostage Trouble, What To Do Brother!?

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Olteca makes fun of Aguilera who says she misses her Gifu so much, yet doesn’t even shed a tear. He says they will need many more Deadmans in order for Gifu to revive. Julio comes in with someone who has volunteered to be one.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Daiji visits his mother in the hospital and asks her for advice on how to convince Ikki-niichan to sign the contract. Mama Igarashi knows Ikki used the “protecting the bathhouse” excuse again. Daiji mumbles to himself that the “world” is more important.

Mama Igarashi says Ikki tends to act before thinking and she isn’t sure if that’s a good or bad thing for him. She tells Daiji to just do what he can.

Over at the bathhouse, a pair of representatives are pressuring Ikki to sign away ownership of their plot of land in order to make way for a new mall development. But Ikki, with the support of their loyal neighbors, refuses to sign.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Meanwhile, Sakura is with her friend Ayaka whose mother has just given them a ride to the mall. The mother says it was on the way to Miharu’s (Ayaka’s sister’s) modeling gig anyway. Sakura notices Ayaka sad expression, but Ayaka just plays it off.

While they are shopping, Deadmans begin rampaging. Sakura calls Ikki and he hurries over. Vice notices a suspiciously awkward interaction between Ikki and Ayaka. But the moment is interrupted as they deal with the Juniors. Ikki and Sakura try to fight them off in order to help facilitate the evacuations.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

But a strange man, who was with Julio earlier, takes Ayaka hostage and demands Sakura come to him as well. Ikki holds Sakura back, but she says it is fine.

The hostage taker leaves with Ayaka and Sakura. Before Ikki can chase after them, Kong Deadman and more Juniors pop up. Daiji arrives with the Driver and Vistamp and Ikki henshins, enraged that his sister is being put in danger.

Ikki and Vice battle the Deadman and work together to end up driving the Deadman away. Ikki and Daiji chase after it and stumble upon the Deadmans gathered outside a warehouse.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Inside is where the hostage taker has Sakura and Ayaka tied up.

Vice blames Daiji for being late while Daiji blames Ikki for not signing the contract. But Ikki says they don’t have time to argue now. He suggests he and Vice distract the Deadmans outside while Daiji rescues their sister and her friend.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Ikki and Vice uphenshin to Eagle easily take care of the Juniors. But Julio appears to help Kong Deadman send Ikki and Vice flying back. Julio says he will release the hostages if they hand over all their Stamps.

Daiji thinks about Ikki’s plan and he runs off.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Daiji arrives at Fenix HQ where he asks Commander Yujiro for a Vistamp. George actually has two brand new ones ready to go for him. Daiji thanks him. But before he runs out, he is drawn to a Driver. He asks permission to use it.

The hostage taker explains to Sakura that he is doing this, not only for the money, but to raise awareness to the income inequality of the world. He hands Ayaka a phone and tells her to call her family for ransom money. But when Ayaka calls her mother, she does not answer and says she is busy with her sister’s photoshoot.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

“That woman doesn’t give a damn about me,” Ayaka says to herself.

Outside, Vice asks Ikki if his family is really that important to him. Ikki says of course, they are irreplaceable. But Vice replies that it isn’t the case for him. Ikki says he made a promise to his mother to protect their family.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Daiji arrives and offers up a Vistamp to Julio. Julio calls him stupid and whacks him back toward Ikki. Daiji hands Ikki the other Vistamp before he loses consciousness.

Ikki has had enough. He uses the new Mammoth Vistamp to uphenshin with Vice. The new power is enough for them to gain the upper hand. They manage to force Julio to drop the Vistamp Daiji gave him.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Inside, Sakura is able to break free and knocks the hostage taker out. She unties Ayaka and they run.

Julio summons some Juniors before he retreats. Ikki and Vice easily take care of the Juniors before finishing off Kong Deadman.

Later, Daiji picks the Vistamp off of the ground. He watches Ikki as he compliments Sakura and Ayaka for their quick thinking while being hostages.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Ikki turns to Daiji and says they were able to win today thanks to him.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Daiji flashes back to earlier when he asked permission to use the Driver, saying he was tired of being a weakling. “I want to be like my brother…” Daiji says. But Commander Yujiro tells Daiji not to bring his personal life into his work. Daiji’s main priority is to protect people from Deadmans. That’s it.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Daiji says he understands.

Back in the present, Daiji tells Ikki that he doesn’t need his thanks.

Meanwhile, Commander Hiromi is interrogating the hostage taker and asking him to hand over the Kong Vistamp. But the hostage taker says he doesn’t have it and only accepted the job.

The real demon birther is still with Aguilera and Co and that person is wearing the same fancy shoes Sakura and Ayaka were looking at earlier in the store.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 3 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I am just so happy and excited to be enjoying Kamen Rider again. Another fun, enjoyable episode this week.

I really loved seeing the Igarashi siblings all in action this week. I hope that continues all season. And perhaps all three of them become Riders.

I know Daiji’s story will most likely follow a path where he has to deal with any insecurities he may have because of his older brother. Sooner rather than later probably, considering the MOTW/victims of the week have a similar sibling dynamic. I think we all agree the most likely scenario is Ayaka is the demon birther. Or at the very least, either the mother or model sister.

Their story with sister insecurities and a mother’s neglect is interesting and all. But I’m definitely most interested in the Igarashis.

Daiji’s inner demon seems to be making itself known and eager to come out. So that tension would be very interesting and exciting to watch. I think this episode was definitely more of a “world” building episode, or something like a character-building episode for the rest of the Igarashi family. We definitely got to know more about Daiji, Sakura and even Mama and Papa Igarashi a bit. After Ikki and Vice’s focus last week, it’s very nice to see the rest of the family get some focus as I fully expect them to be a huge part of the overall story. And most especially a part of Ikki’s character growth throughout the season.

I appreciated a more toned-down Vice this week. And as he and Ikki really took a backseat outside of the action sequences and battle scenes, it’s a natural move. Which I am thankful for since it would’ve felt very contrived otherwise.

With the Deadmans, their goal of reviving their Gifu-sama is very standard and simple for either Kamen Rider or Sentai. But it very much works as it is so far. After what we’ve gotten recently, it is quite refreshing to have such a clear endgame for a change. At least, a clear goal for however many episodes they take to unfreeze Gifu.

Overall, another fun, enjoyable episode of Revice. I feel so happy and positive after three episodes. I want to just savor this foreign (after a year) feeling.

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