Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 2 – Is the Demon Really Just a Bad Guy?!

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

At a driving range, caddie Ibata has just been fired by golfer Araki. Olteca approaches Ibata and sympathizes with his situation, pointing out Ibata’s frustration with Araki’s own poor behavior. Olteca offers him a Vistamp and says why not yield those negative emotions to his inner demon.

Ibata accepts the Vistamp and unleashes the Kamakiri Deadman.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

Kadota Hiromi expresses his concerns to George about a civilian handling the Revice system. But Commander Wakabayashi says he doesn’t want to hear it and demotes Hiromi from commander to squad leader after his now multiple-failures at protecting Fenix and their technology.

Commander Wakabayashi summons Daiji and asks him to establish a contract with Ikki for them.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

Daiji heads home and tries to convince Ikki. Ikki says he already has the bathhouse to protect and that Daiji should accept the offer instead. Daiji says he’s not good enough. Vice does his part to try and convince Ikki, but it only makes him even less open to the idea.

Just then Daiji gets a call about a Deadman. Papa Igarashi shows them a news report saying it’s at the nearby driving range. Ikki grabs the Driver and Vistamp and both he and Daiji hurry over.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

Ikki accidentally activates the Vistamp, allowing Vice to emerge and take over the life of Ikki’s bike, allowing them to catch up to Daiji’s motorbike.

Daiji tells Ikki to henshin and Ikki tells Daiji to get everyone to safety.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

Ikki and Vice transform. Vice speeds forward and slaps the Deadman around, thinking he’s already defeated it. But the Deadman gets back up. Vice grabs Ikki and whips him around, causing him to be dizzy and leaving him vulnerable to the Deadman’s attack.

Vice makes a run for Daiji. But Daiji tosses a new Eagle Vistamp to his brother which has Ikki regain semi-control of Vice. Ikki scolds Vice for fooling him again and they scuffle. But Vice inadvertently activates the Vistamp, transforming them using the Eagle power. And with it, they are able to defeat the Deadman.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

Ikki runs over to make sure Daiji is okay.

Ibata tells Araki that he just wanted to be heard, but Araki tells him to get lost. Vice approaches Araki, but Ikki dehenshins and returns Vice to his body.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

The Igarashis visit Mama Igarashi at the hospital. Papa Igarashi gives his wife a three-headed paper crane he made. Vice pops out, saying Mama Igarashi looks very delicious. Ikki snaps at him. Unable to see Vice, the family thinks he’s just snapped at his father.

But Ikki tries to play his outburst off as a joke. Anyway, Mama Igarashi says she heard about Ikki joining Fenix and encourages him to accept the responsibility. The family can take care of the bathhouse, but only Ikki can save the world.

Meanwhile, Aguilera is caressing her encased husband when Olteca and Julio come in with Araki. Later, Ibata approaches Araki hoping to get his old job back. But Araki has a Vistamp and releases the Megalodon Deadman.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

While Ikki is cleaning at the bathhouse, Vice wonders what’s up with Araki after having told him to embrace his inner demon earlier.

Ikki has had it with Vice. He henshins and takes him on, upset that Vice is playing around with human lives by liberating inner demons. Their battle is put on hold when Daiji comes in to tell them about another Deadman attack.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

Ikki dehenshins and hands the Driver to Daiji saying he has no right to use it. They hurry over to the driving range where Hiromi and other Fenix officers are already trying to clear the area of Juniors.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

Ikki charges toward the Juniors and gets knocked around. Daiji runs over and asks why he isn’t henshining. Ikki tells him to shut up and says this is his fight. Ikki gets up and again gets slammed down by the Juniors. A seemingly sincere Vice is concerned about why Ikki isn’t using him to take on the Deadmans.

Ikki says unleashing Vice is what started all of this and he refuses to henshin if it means more innocent people are hurt. Ikki believes the power should only protect people and their families.

Ikki again charges straight for the Juniors. Vice struggles with his thoughts, but ultimately accepts the responsibility of fighting to protect people instead of eating them. Ikki thinks Vice is lying again, but Vice says demons don’t lie.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

If that’s the case, Ikki wants to make a deal with him. If Vice wants him to henshin, then he must do what he says. If not, then Ikki will keep fighting like this until he dies. And when that happens, he’s dragging Vice down with him.

Vice understands and he gets on his knees to solidify the contract with Ikki.

Ikki accepts it and Daiji tosses the Driver and Vistamp over.

Ikki henshins and he and Vice transform. While battling the Juniors, Vice “borrows” Daiji’s Gundephone to use as his own weapon.

Daiji tells Ikki to use the Vistamp and they are able to finish off the rest of the Juniors before then focusing on the Megalodon Deadman. Ikki and Vice work together to finish off the Deadman for good.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

Daiji seals the Vistamp and tells Ibata and Araki to seek treatment at the Fenix rehab facility. Daiji says Vistamps can be dangerous tools when used for evil, but can also save people when used correctly. Ibata and Araki shake hands and agree to a fresh start as partners once more.

Watching the reconciliation, Vice suggests he and Ikki also have a friendship hug. Ikki refuses. Vice thinks he’s just being shy.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 2 Recap

Episode Thoughts

So this was a pretty typical toku episode plot. Actually two plots. The first being our title hero overcoming any initial hesitancy or self-doubt about accepting the heroic responsibility. And second, our heroes overcoming clashing personalities and disagreements to officially become a team.

It’s kind of like the requisite clean-up episode. That is, the second episode being the one that kind of cleans up some of the loose ends of the premiere, especially when it come to characters. Of course, when cramming in as much big picture information as possible in the first episode, going a little deeper, particularly with the main characters, is a good thing to do with the second episodes. And I think they did well here.

The episode did a good job of establishing Ikki and Vice’s roles, both in the series and with regards to each other. I suppose we’ll learn more about Vice later on, because admittedly, he switched up a bit fast. He was ready to eat Mama Igarashi and minutes later, he was showing concern for Ikki and his suicide mission. And not necessarily because it would mean Vice would no longer have a human partner. He seemed sincerely worried. Which I liked seeing very much.

But that big contrast between the first half of the episode and the second can be a bit jarring. Especially when we’re still getting to know our new friends.

That said, the first half of the episode was very loud and frenetic. (And filled with innuendo?!) Thanks in large part to Vice, of course. But it reminds me of other seasons. I’ve noticed how some of the early episodes are usually loud and even sometimes obnoxiously so. A lot of humor and some slapstick. Both Build and Zero-One are examples. Yet, we all know how those seasons would develop as the season progresses.

So that’s the kind of tone I am expecting from Revice. Some wild, colorful and loud moments. But soon opening the door to some heavier and darker stuff. Especially with the idea of inner demons, illustrated very well with the Deadmans of the Week here, there’s definitely a lot of potential for some dramatic stories.

The opening credits also imply something could turn with Ikki as well. Perhaps a time when Ikki and Vice switch roles? That is, Vice being the one that needs to control Ikki in the future. I’m sure they’ll be doing a lot with Ikki and Vice’s unique dynamic.

Speaking of the opening, I like the J-pop theme song. It reminds me of Ex-Aid‘s “Excite” by the awesome Daichi Miura, yet still different as well. It suits the show’s vibe so far.

Again, I very much enjoy the family aspect of the story. It was great seeing the entire family together in a scene. And I hope they are more than just recurring characters. Family seems to be a major theme, at least for Ikki as a character. So I hope they take advantage of that all year.

Overall, a good second episode. Definitely laying the groundwork.

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